Jeff Bezos unveils Blue Moon lunar lander


Did you see Jeff Bezos? He has he did it like an apple iphone rollout or something. He has rolled out the first moon Lander. Is this a vehicle of? Yes, sort this. This is a this is something that will take people from spaceships to that are orbiting the moon down to the moon. Spaceships are orbiting the moon. They will. Before they get the thing that you do NAFTA that they're working on it. Jeff Bezos, founder of blue origin, Amazon. Dir during the announcement of the space companies vision for operations on the moon. It's pretty impressive looking machine. Mr. beezus says that he described on Thursday, a dreamy ambitious vision of the future a trillion people living in space, not on moons or planets, but in space colonies in style originally envisioned by Princeton physicist, named Gerard k O'neil the space colonies would be built by future generations bees. Oh said he and others today can do they can start building infrastructure in the short term that includes lunar Lander blue moon, a sleek vehicle that became visible as curtain in front was pulled away. And there there was a model of it and the full size model of it. He says we need to get people to the moon as the first that's building the roadway into space for space colonies. There's something about these visions that he has to have. And and what's his name? Tesla has seems on musk seems to have that I find sort of appealing and attractive and yet at the same time thinking, but wait a minute. What they're saying is there's no hope here we've got to abandon this place. It's like it's like, we we've we've ruined this place. Let's go ruin someplace else am I the moon. Happening start at the moon to get further out. That's that's just an barstool all the way to California. You gotta stop and do agree. The moon is like barstool, but you never listened to my loose on never stopping bar sto.

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