News in Brief 2 May 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations. A senior year NFL has warned that harsh drought conditions currently affecting southwest state in Somalia unlikely to trigger a major humanitarian crisis if version actions, not taken George Conway acting U N deputy special Representative for some Malia issued the warning while he was assessing the effects of the prolonged drought on vulnerable populations. In by doa, highlighting the underfunding of this year's humanitarian response plan. Currently only nineteen percent met. Mr. Conway said on Thursday. It would require strong advocacy with donor and financing partners to avoid a crisis and stop it. Increasing potentially over the edge into more disastrous conditions, according to the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs ocher drought conditions during the two thousand eighteen nineteen rainy season have led to an increase in the number of people designated food insecure since October of last year, Mr. Conway was accompanied by members of the Norwegian government's which is already supporting a number of projects in the region. Thursday is world Choon a day which serves. To highlight the importance of this valuable food resource to the marine ecosystem and the global economy says the Iran established just two years ago the day raises awareness about the importance of tuna, a staple of the seas and serves to promote more sustainable fishing practices, highlighting that junior and Tina like species are very important economically to all countries and a significant source of food the UN wants that Younus threatened by an overwhelming demand, especially for traditional canned tuna and Ashim and sushi confirming that approximately seven million tonnes of tuna landed yearly the UN food and Agriculture Organization FAO emphasizes the whole aquaculture sectors role in the cheating, the twenty thirty agenda for sustainable development in particular, sustainable development goal, fourteen to conserve the ocean and its resources and sticking with the global festival of action kicked off in Bonn, Germany on Thursday, aiming to inspire SDG campaigns to scale up and broaden the global movement and make the seventeen goals reality. Organized by the UN SDG action campaign the groundbreaking event runs until Saturday providing an interactive space to showcase the latest innovations, tools and approaches to SDG advocacy, bringing together more than fifteen hundred political decision-makers activists experts business leaders and creatives from over one hundred and thirty countries the festival is expected to motivate not only organizations, but also individuals in the push towards twenty thirty. My wells UN news.

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