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Following that up pretty quickly in twenty three with Pebble Beach. So I think it's a great time for women's golf, increasing the severity of the test taking some classic venues and showing the public of everything. The women's game has to offer Dennis what's the one thing you'd like to add to this tournament that when it's over people will step back and say, that's? Dennis Herrera did that? Well, what I'd like to see is the Olympic club expose itself in all the ways that it has traditionally done in terms of creating exciting opportunities that has a score. That's around par- that, you know, the tradition of the Olympic club being a championship test. That was stands, the test of time and time of design that, that reinforces that in the public eye, and that increases the disability and attendance for women's golf to really create a wonderful fan experience. That is that has a fan Francisco feel and it's something unique to what the women's championship has traditionally been just one quick last month from me. Dennis will we be able to get one of those hamburgers out there? No doubt hamburger bills is there for the taking if they're not there. I'm suing you. Yeah. You go, you know what you'd have a very strong case. Dennis I just add into of amplifying what you're talking about. I think San Francisco is, is such a an ideal spot for a women's golf championship because our city has such a great melting pot of nationalities and the women's tour is more. So. Expresses that by how many nationalities play absolutely right. You've got a Canadian woman that's leading in Grand Rapids, Michigan today. Brooke henderson. You've got literally many, many countries covered on their leaderboard annex, San Francisco really represents that. So it's, it's a great fan experience for those folks to root for their for their friends. So good stuff. Dennis thank you. So. And

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