Breaking Down Trump's UK Visit


We've been talking about Donald Trump and his visits to the U K to Earl and particularly his remarks to Leo varadkar that, of course, makes many of the front pages. Yes. It's very covered by the guardian FT and times. But vodka was snubbed the only politician trying to convince Donald Trump of something he had immediate with print with prince of Wales in which Prince Charles, the most of the talking because what was supposed to be fifteen minutes meeting ended up being ninety ninety minutes trying to persuade him of extension thread around climate emergency is. And it is something Trump said to Piers Morgan during interview. Itv's. Good morning Britain, the Charleston hour an half lobbying him on the subject in his to Clarence House. The encounter was scheduled to us for no more than fifteen minutes. Prince however, was rely really into it. This is covered by the times. And this is one of the in which Donald Trump is been taught on something take into consideration that car had to, to the troubles in Arlon.

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