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This week a report from the department of homeland security details pour conditions at border patrol stations along the southern border the release of the report came after democratic credit lawmakers visited the border and denounced conditions there joining me now it'd be a skype from las angeles is wall street journal reporter alicia caldwell alicia let's start with that visit earlier this week we heard from lawmakers who detailed what they saw at the border there as well is reports of a private facebook group including current and former u s border patrol agents will tell us right so it's it's not that in the past week for the us border patrol said members of congress democrats went down to do you all paso area ensured facilities there in came away with this sort of dark impression of what these facilities are end as one member described it he he said it was a representative castro said it was jail like shoot to be clear you is in jail these border patrol facilities he's holding cells are just that their cells that said they were never built with the intention of housing people were more than a few hours occasionally back you know in the eighties nineties in an early in the mid thousands they would hold people overnight if somebody was apprehended in the middle of the night but generally it was an in and out situation because they were built at a time when the overwhelming majority jordy of of illegal border crossers those encountered by the border patrol were single men from mexico you know occasionally you'd have women but generally was mostly single men an end the overwhelming majority of people were from mexico in in the in cases of those arrests border patrol could process them in and remove and back to mexico within hours you can't do that with with unaccompanied children and you can't do that with families generally who are are asking for a us island rather protections in usa there's a lot of laws and and strictures on how children are supposed to be held in government care or custody including but not limited to rules that prohibit the government from holding onto children unaccompanied children prolonged within seventy two hours in those holding facility in internal government rules have a seventy two hour limit forgetting everybody out of those border patrol stations because again they're they're not built for four overnight or prolong prolong stays there snow shower there's new kitchen in these facilities there there might be a break room generally in any border patrol station but it's not a kitchen it's not a cafeteria there's no real bathrooms there's a toilet in each cinder or block cell and opt in sync although members of congress imported that things were not working at least until they were in there is no running water other than in the toilet that's not a good situation for anybody border patrol has said they don't want people there that long they certainly children and families there that long but they're stuck because they can't move them out of the system can't release children on their own they say in and they can't just release adults and families although be agency is releasing families to non government agencies shelters across you know all along the border from san diego to brownsville texas communities you're being inundated by the release of families to local shelters unleashed did they report from the homeland security department to reiterate or confirmed the conditions that lawmakers reported earlier in the week it did it it's you know at least the second such report on border patrol facility they raise the red flag in may they're raising it again again based on spot visits this time in the rio grande valley they described standing room only conditions for adults again in children and families or children and adults had been held far beyond seventy two hour limits in one

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