New Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire in effect, for now


Is editor in chief of the Jerusalem Post author of the new book shadow strike inside. Israel's secret mission to eliminate Syrian nuclear power a Yakov. Welcome to the show. Are you in the city? Are you in New York, man? I am great. We wanted to reach out. I wasn't sure if you were in Jerusalem and your give us a breakdown. Exactly. What's happening? What's been going on all all weekend? And on the white is this keep happening yacht coffin. Thank first of all. Thank you for joining us, sir. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. We'll call Pat forty-eight hours. You've had steady morning Bill late last night. Israel time over six hundred rockets fired into Israel four Israeli killed at take missiles fired across the border mortars fired across the border all throughout yet. Southern Israel over a million and a half is Ray we've hunker down bomb shelters not able to leave their homes because they nonstop and chef and rocket fire into their cities and this is happening right safely. Because Dabney there's a terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip that ruled Gaza named combat that just has failed to recognize the fact that there is a Jewish state next to it and doesn't want to come to terms with that and every single time that they want to try to get something. Whether it's, you know, more money out of the world or they want to get to ease. Some of the pressure of the sanctions that imposed on it because they are terrorist organization. This is what they do. And they just fire and try to kill people. And now, they re there are reports Yakov of a truce or ceasefire is that true. Late night. Well, actually in the middle of the morning. A ceasefire went into effect Israel has yet to formally confirm that there's a cease fire. But that often seems to be the case that has more to do with cut the politics on these Rabi side Benjamin Netanyahu never wants to be seen as someone who's maybe caving in to pressure or appearing to be a week of these the terrorist group Kamah, but I'm extreme that there is a ceasefire now, but the the canons are silent for the time being. But with the keep in mind is sadly happening every month and a half month or so, right? The last big round violence was at the end of March. Now, we have one in the beginning of may and something has to change here. Something has to change in this paradigm of Israel's relationship with the Gaza Strip because just sadly keeps repeating itself. A prime minister Netanyahu say as he addressed his security cabinet. Well, I just a security cabinet initially. They asked for a approval authorization for the ID FDA's done bombing and striking away at Gaza and at Kamath targets. But also, it seems that the reached this compromise that for now if certain things happen, they can reach ceasefire. So what are the Palestinians say about all this? I mean, the the usual rhetoric it's the usual weather pretty much more of the same Gaza is not a good situation. It's not something that we would want to see continue the way it is. There's a there's a bad humanitarian situation, but that's mostly the result in the failure in the fault of HAMAs, which is a terrorist group that rules them. It's a very simple Joe if would allay down its weapons stop firing rockets inches real stop attacking stuff shooting across the border. They would be peace. Right. And and that sadly is the case they could have whatever they want that Gaza. Could potentially one day turn to the single. Four of the Middle East, but not as long as it's ruled by terrorist organization that spend time Israel's destruction. And and just talk about the book for a second west the story that we tell them the book is what Israel's willing to do in shadow strike when it finds the threat of an existential nature. Laking Syria were saw nuclear reactor being built what it has to do to take action to remove that threat from the horizon. She'll do you think now machine the United States deploy that carrier strike group to send the ran quote, unquote, a clear and unbe snake -able message. This has to do probably with HAMAs. Don't you think? This is all about Iran, right? The United States is looking very much to get the Iranians to come back to the table to renegotiate a nuclear deal ever since President Trump pulled out of that deal of buddy half ago, and therefore one of the this is one of their tools is to pressure Iran into say, look, we have a credible military threat against you. If you guys keep on doing what you're doing which is undermining countries throughout the region operating out of Syria, supporting his Balon, Lebanon, obviously come off also in Gaza, and these Lama she had there and you continue to carry out attacks into into Todd destabilize the Middle East. We now have a military presence here. And the reason next significant is because for the Iranians to come back to the table and Tarini go. She hated deal they were their nuclear program, they need to feel like they have something to lose right now. They don't feel that. Right. Chinese are still in the deal. The Russians are still in the deal. Europeans are still in the deal. Just the US is left and they need to feel. They have something to lose weight victory. Trump has reimpose sanctions against countries that by rainy and oil now to bring an aircraft carrier, right? The USS Lincoln out there. What he's also sending a message of look there's a military presence. And you know, he run is still the greatest threat that we face come since the problem in Gaza. Iran is on path one day to getting a nuclear weapon Israel twice in history. And this we tell I tell the story in the book nineteen Eighty-one bomb dose Iraq's reactor if that Saddam Hussein's reactor up at a Baghdad two thousand seven Syrian reactor. He is still an unfinished business, and we hope we can avoid that conflict. But I think that this is part of what the Trump strategy is right now. So don't tell so HAMAs just two camp to capsulize this whole thing. Yakov Yaacov Katz editor in chief of the Jerusalem Post. So Israel's minding its own business. Home starts all starts with the with the rockets into out of nowhere that happened. You know, there's always been a trickle, right? Israel pulled back as you might recall Joe back in two thousand five pulled out of Gaza, no longer settlements. They're no longer has its really military positions. There pulled back to the international border said to the Palestinians. Do what you want right? This is yours built it up. Make it this amazing Singapore Middle East, right? But instead what the grew there were rockets and improvised explosive devices and bombs and just a a culture excuse me, terrorism and hate and incitement, and this is what happens right Israel reaches. There was a round of violence a month ago. Also sparked I didn't know where Israel reaches some sort of ceasefire mediated by Egyptians. And sometimes the Qataris their understanding, and then again, come starts to feel. Okay. Why don't we do this? Another time. We can get some more money out of the world or we could get some more concessions and they start to walk at fire again. Right. So sadly, this is what Israel's living with alongside its borders and all these store. That people will tell you well Gaza's occupied or Israel is controlling borders. It's not sense, right? God has the border with Egypt. It has a border that it could easily cross into Egypt. Egypt. Don't want them crossing because they're also terrorists. Right. So all of this these stories that people will tell you of Gaza being the largest open air prison in the world, Israel, pulled out of Gaza gave it to the Palestinians, and sadly, they've only brought us terrorist incident. All right. And how many people have been killed up to this point Yacov? Please. Your four Israelis that were killed, obviously, that's on the Israeli side a bit more on the Palestinian side there was targeted killing but his carried out against the top Kamath operative. There are a couple of other people who were killed in some of the bombings Israel took out. Some major installations and buildings and headquarters, and this is sadly, the place of what happens when there's a conflict Yakov Katz editor in chief of the Jerusalem Post and the book, by the way that you have to check out it's called shadow strike inside Israel secret mission to eliminate Syria nuclear power, you know, reads like a novel. It's all true facts that you have shadow strike, correct? Yacob all true facts. And that's it. It's really an amazing story. Joe Fraley military might espionage political intrigue. Total for stories will listen, the keep defied, my friend. God bless you. You're welcome here anytime.

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