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It's something you might expect in war-torn nations of failed states and outbreak of disease that is widely perceived as easy to control, but the United States is experiencing what the CDC says is its biggest outbreak of measles and twenty five years more than seven hundred people have been infected this year alone. And a lot of these cases coming from a surprising place. Williamsburg Brooklyn last month, the city declared a state of emergency and ordered mandatory vaccinations in certain Brooklyn, zip codes. How can the biggest cosmopolitan city in the country have an outbreak of a disease that was supposed to be eliminated in the western hemisphere. Immunization in the United States is high fa measles. Ninety two percent of children between twelve and twenty three months vaccinated, but for the authored ox? Jewish community many of whom live in pockets of Brooklyn vaccination rates are relatively low. And this community is an epicenter of the recent measles. Outbreak beezus can still occur in the United States. When unvaccinated people traveled to other countries experiencing outbreaks the problem compounds when those infected then come back to insular communities sprinkled throughout the country with low vaccination rates, according to vox in recent years, measles outbreaks have hit some Ali Americans in Minnesota, the Amish Ohio and Russian-speaking immigrants in Washington state in all these communities. Vaccination rates are low sometimes because of the difficulties of access in other cases because of a wariness about vaccines despite overwhelming scientific evidence proving their effectiveness anti vaccine treatments still runs high among certain communities in America, it hinges on misinformation that. Has been almost impossible to completely dispel. A modern turning point was in one thousand nine hundred eight when in Romania study published in the Lancet linked the measles vaccine to autism. The link was conclusively disproved years later, but the damage was done in two thousand and four some Ali American children in Minnesota where fears of the autism link grant high had a ninety two percent rate for measles by twenty fourteen child immunization in the community had fallen to just forty two percent. According to the Minnesota department of health today. Anti vaccine activists are targeting the Hasidic community in Brooklyn with literature. That highlights what they say are non-kosher, vaccine ingredients cells deriving from pigs and rats, this misinformation appears to be working, even though many rabbinical. Authorities have dismissed claims that vaccines are forbidden on religious grounds. Your Sheva attending children in the Williamsburg and borough park neighborhoods of Brooklyn. On nine times likely to be unvaccinated for measles than they counterparts at public schools. What makes us all worse as America's vaccination policy? There is none nationally vaccination in the US the of shoot, according to vox, most states offer exemptions from mandatory vaccines for school h urine on religious grounds. More than a dozen also offer philosophical personal belief exemptions one doctor quoted in the economists call these misinformed Barent exemptions. And there's long been a debate about whether or not a scrap them. Donald Trump himself has long parroted the false link between autism and vaccinations though last month. He changed his tune and parents to Doxa nature. Mandatory vaccination is a delicate issue in the US where such efforts tend to provoke outcry about personal liberties. But as no Feldman notes column, and Bloomberg vaccination isn't just about individual liberty. It is about public safety. Let's hope we don't need a pandemic affecting thousands. Maybe more before people start accepting the scientific

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