Teenager snuck into Mar-a-Lago while Trump was there


College freshman. Now they say snuck and I guess it's now either way now but it's preferable is sneaked into one of the President Trump's mar-a-lago resort last November. We're just now finding out about well, Trump was in town after fooling secret service agents into believing. He was a club member going to the Palm Beach post. What club? We don't know the hate Trump club. I guess Mark linn bloom. Eighteen year old freshman university of Wisconsin in Madison wondered the Palm Beach club for twenty minutes before being arrested according to the newspaper today, he told a federal magistrate. He did not enter the club with any ill intent and was only curious as to whether he could do it. It was reportedly visiting his grandparents at the Palm Beach bath and tennis club, which shears a beach with Trump's club and simply stood in line with mar-a-lago members. He was allowed through security by secret service. According to assistant, US attorney John McMillan, telling US magistrate William, Matthew man. We have no reason to believe he had a political criminal or terrorist purpose. It was a foolish decision. He did on a lark. He didn't steal anything only took pictures on his phone. He pleaded guilty to entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds which carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail the Matthew and sentenced him to a year's probation, according to the post. So

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