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I'm Shawn fantasy an animated, and this is the big picture a conversation show about movies, I guess because movies are still happening in the shadow of game of thrones were having kind of a weird conversation this week, Amanda, and I are going to be talking about what I thought was going to be the best movies of the year so far, but as we went down the list, and we thought about what we've seen thus far. And what we wanted to see we realized that this has been kind of an odd year for movies. So we asked you guys on Twitter. What you wanted to hear talk about you gave us a lot of responses. Some of those films are brilliant. We've talked about some of them on previous episodes ashes purest white, for example, or or transit or us. We spent a lotta time on us shot. We spend a lot of time a long shot Apollo eleven. These are all fascinating brilliant, beautifully crafted movies. We'll talk a little bit about them here. And there as we're going through this. But Amanda, I think it's probably better if we talk about movies that confounded us confused us excited us and ultimately left us. Just wanting to talk. Yes. So here we are to talk. I'm gonna I was ultimately inspired by seeing dragged across concrete. Have you seen that movie? I have not because I think everyone in my life has encouraged me not to I don't think you need to see it. It's Dorothy by minimum as Craig Zoeller. It was there was some notoriety around it because Ahlers movies have a particular political bent, kind of free speech, a finding that some have perceived as very conservative. It's a movie that stars Mel Gibson in Vince Vaughn as to police officers who have been suspended and then spend their free time trying to stop a Bank robbery. Boy, it's larded with a lot of intellectual and political complications. It's not really worth unpacking here. You know, there's been some really good writing about it on the ring dot com. I would encourage you check that out Chris Ryan and Adam name and had a conversation about it on the watch a couple of months ago. And I think that was part of the reason that they spend an hour talking about it. And at the end, we're like we cannot endorse this, but also here all our thoughts about it. Yes. I walked away feeling the same way though. Less interested like less excited by what it did. But it does feel like an onramp into this conversation because there's a lot of cool stuff in it. It's very well made Zoeller is obviously an artistic person I do not agree with many of his ideas about humanity. And it left me feeling like I had both wasted my time and saw something unique. And I think that that's definitely a theme perhaps a segue to the movie serenity. Wow. Yes. So this was maybe this was among the most requested in the call for submission. I think it was the number one request. Why do you think that that was to be set up serenity in any way? Oh, gosh. I guess we how do we train serenity? Let stars Matthew mcconaughey and Anne Hathaway to bona fide movie stars which is of note and it begins as a kinda Morrish or Neo Noir ish situation on an island, and Matthew mcconaughey has a white whale of his own called tuna. And he also has. Some demons and an ex wife who needs some help. Then that's in Hatheway, that's pretty much it. He's a fisherman. He is he's got an habit pursuit of Justice the tuna that you're ferring to and he's got a first mate enjoyment, Han Soo and Hathaway plays that ex wife and he's got a kid. We keep hearing about that we see and his ex wife's got a husband played by Jason Clark. And this movie is hysterical. And I don't mean, it's funny. I mean, it is literally operating in hysterics the whole movie is the most pitched up over the top preposterously plotted movie of seen in a long time when it came out mile Surrey wrote on the ringer about all of it's absurd. What the fuck nece, and I didn't read that piece at the time because I didn't want to spoil for me. And it took me a couple of months to get around to this. And usually when someone says, you gotta see this movie. It is effing insane. I go quickly before whatever reason I didn't get to it. I don't think you to either. No, no. I watched it at home. Which we'll come back to. So Stephen Knight Ronin directed this movie. Stephen night is best known. I think for creating peaky blinders which is a show on Netflix. And he's written a handful of movies here and there, and he's thought to be a very well respected writer director in Hollywood. I I'm I'm just baffled by this movie. I don't understand what he was going for. I mean, let's just say that we're we have to spoil the talk about this movie. So if you haven't seen serenity, and you wanna see serenity, I guess I can sort of recommend it as an ultimate Curio in American movie going, but it's pretty bad rate. It's not I all of the hubbub. I thought this was a good what the fuck movie, and it does not really deliver. It's more just kind of like how did this happen? And how did this many people make it this far, and sink that this all came together? So now, we're going to we're going to spoil the reveal spoil away. It's video game. It's a video video game. And they carry the son who is referenced throughout the movie, and then like all shown like eighteen times throughout the movie is programming. This whole world. And everyone else is fiction of his imagination. And he's doing it to like connect with his fictional dad or something or for a father figure and to avenge his real life stepdad, which we should talk about the problematic aspects of that. But anyway to your point of what this was trying to do. I thought it was like matrix gone. Extremely wrong. Right. I thought that it was trying to engage with the idea of. You know, the video games, and the captured that they have on culture right now and imagination and that idea of the simulation, and what's real. And what's not and revenge and the game if occasion of life, I think that that is my most generous reading of what is going on here. I do not think it delivers on any of it. And I do find that kind of video game to real life violence aspect a little troubling. So I will say as a twelve year old computer geniuses evocation of what adult conflict is a what an adult's life is like an adult who lives on an island called Plymouth island, which is somehow tropical. I'm not sure if there is a tropical island called island. It actually seemed on point because when you're thirteen you don't really understand what it's like to be an human adult, and what it's like to have problems in demons. You know, there's a lot of complicated ideas in the movie math mcconaghy's. Character is a war veteran and Hathaway's. Character is a survivor of domestic abuse. Yes. There are some some really weighty females here. And by the same token, the like, I said the movies just kind of hysterical. The kid the actors are going so over the top in every scene and Hathaway, I think is more or less playing Barbara Stanwick kind of like forties. Fifties era kinda bombshell Dame who's trying to draw a somewhat innocent man into an awful plot. Sort of like the postman always rings twice, you know, meth mcconaghy's kind of the John Garfield going. But they're so pitched up and it's also happening on a boat, which is kind of a ridiculous setting. That's that. I I was just just really confused by how actively bad it was. And I know that seems like a simple criticism. But even if it was a commentary on the way that thirteen year old sees adults. I still thought it would something was missing. Does that does that make sense? Yeah. I will also say I I watched it at home as did you and it really suffered from that. And I would like to talk more about the context in which we receive all of these movies because I think it is increasingly important, but for this one you you really had to pay attention because it it was making logical jumps and giving pieces of so-called information that you were you saw the you're solving mystery. Yes. And I I suppose in a way you were more kind of on a on a video game quest, which as I I'm told requires a lot of focus, which is not what I give to movies. So I would I would. Honestly, look away for ten seconds. And then five new characters would be screaming about something that was like oh shit while I messed up miss something. And I had to rewind. And then it's not like the ten seconds that I missed provided any information or insight. It was just kind of jumping around. So I I actually experienced the real gaps between the ideas it like literally because I thought that I kept missing something. And then it just was never really there. It's funny. United spend a lot of time on this show talking about the movies. They don't make any more. They don't make built dramas. They don't make thrillers. They don't make rom coms. They don't, you know, all of these categories were always talking about lamenting, oh Hollywood is lost its way. And it's all big ten actions that piece movies. This is the kind of movie that we're saying they don't make any more movie stars leaning into a big showy part. It's high concept. It's not based on any IP. And yet

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