The Future of Connection, Isolation ... and Home Cooking


Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Deloitte, a global leader in digital transformation, helping clients apply technologies like cloud an AI to their unique business challenges. Deloitte got com slash look. Again. This is tech news briefing. Im Tanya boost does reporting from the newsroom in New York. A few more highlights as we wrap up another epic week of the future of everything festival in New York City, the journals glimpse into the future with the brightest minds intact, and beyond that's after these Tyke headlines. As it overhauls how it engages with campaigns ahead of elections. In twenty twenty Facebook said it stopped paying commissions to employees who sell political ads in the wake of revelations about Russian efforts to influence the two thousand sixteen election senior leaders at the company debated, whether it should cease running political ads entirely chief executive Mark Zuckerberg may define will call to stay in the business, though changes will be made to how it operates scrutiny of Facebook's role in the political process has only intensified over the past eighteen months with allegations that its platforms have been used for attempted election manipulation on six continents door. Dash said it has raised six hundred million dollars in a deal that values it at twelve point six billion dollars this as investors clamor to get into food delivery business. They remain undeterred by the lackluster, stock market debut of Uber. The deal gives door dash a private market valuation higher than the market capitalization of one Domino's pizza. If you're. Ping score the door. Dash announcement comes on the heels of a five hundred seventy five million dollar investment round last week in European food, delivery startup deliver ru let by Amazon, and now for some semantics. If you wouldn't mind, let's start with the word ship. It used to refer to a vessel that floats on water or the act of sending mail, it's now used as something else, entirely, as you might know, derived from the suffix of relationship, it now means to endorse, a romantic union, and it is the basis of a new dating app. Catching on with women online dating king match has teamed up with millennial digital brand benches to create ship which has launched this year and allows friends to vet potential mates for one another dating app users report, these c- of potential. Matches is overwhelming, and in its first quarter conference, call match said ship is seeing strong engagement in big cities. The company said roughly seventy percent of registration, thus far are female in about sixty percent of matches are made by friends come. Up dipping back into the future of everything festival with a look at the future of social media, broadband access, and of course, eating support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Deloitte, a global leader in digital transformation, helping clients apply technologies like cloud and AI to their unique business challenges. Deloitte dot com slash look. Again. The such as isolation connection, social media, and of course, eating were all hit upon at the Wall Street Journal's future of everything festival this week, you can catch up on everything that the testable had to offer at wsJcom or the WSJ app. You can also listen to the journals instant message podcast for some of the biggest highlights among one of the biggest themes were social media and connection versus isolation. Seamus astonished. The co founder and chief executive of the house party video app spoke at the festival about how house party is averting a loneliness epidemic. We felt that there was a solution that was needed out there. Particularly for the younger demographic, who's feeling. I mean I, I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that they're on the precipice of a loneliness epidemic. And they're spending so much time on their devices in their rooms, and what we're trying to in is humanity. Back into connecting and. We all sort of opted into a synchronous communication. We started. Texting each other back and forth. We started liking in a news feed or. Re tweeting or responding in these Acer internist manners. And sure it's like officiant, but it doesn't fill your tank in the same way that like seeing somebody face to face does. And this is a response to that feeling and just trying to get people connected again in order to access such video chat apps. One certainly needs internet, a challenge for rural America, as of late land-o-lakes president and CEO. Beth Ford says that farmers are struggling to access basic resources because of their limited access to broadband problem that we're going to have is this technology, these tools that have been developed. They cannot be leveraged broadly. Probably about thirty percent of farmers. Don't have broadband access. You know, they're two hundred counties in America, that don't have broadband access there in rural America, and this is a real issue so beyond the tools. We touch have harvest bakers in America. We touched twenty five percent of the farmers with our federative model. The biggest concern I have is their ability to. Make an best moment in their communities. They are they are not able to do that. We're looking at all different options because you know what there's not going to be one solution. Switching gears and to mix it up a quick check in on the future of food for all the talk of dining apps, and food delivery, much of which disgust at the festival, the future of how we look at food continues to evolve. And apparently, the future is a healthy one, according to restaurant tour Antony rows, ski and the resident chef of net. Flicks is queer eye home cooking is due for a modern day revival. When I was developing the menu at sure definitely had a lot more meat and dairy on it than it does now, like our menu now has zero Darrien no red meat, and we just have a little bit of chicken. One thing with fish, and then everything is pretty much plant based, I just I don't know. I'm thinking about a lot of with everything that's sort of, like, Borden, did, for example. And now David Chang, and there's a lot of content. And I know I'm a net flicks baby. So I'm like, obviously promoting shows that are there. But like there's so. Much awesome. Because convenient doesn't have to be total garbage that was. But of course, a sampling you can check out more wsJcom for all things. FOE festival related make sure you check out WSJ's instant message podcast as well as for the tech news briefing that wraps it up for now. I'm Tanya boost does reporting from the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening.

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