Giant Panda Diets


I'm hungry. But I can't decide what to eat. Nothing. Sounds good. Does that ever happen to you yell? I know the feeling dying giant pandas have it easy. They just Bambu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and don't give food another thought not these days, but they used to eat all kinds of things you mean millions of years ago right now, scientists found out that as recently as five thousand years ago giant pandas had a much more diverse diet than they do today. It was a surprising fine. Since like, you said we previously thought it's been over two million years since their diet was any different. The researchers looked at copes in the bodies of modern pandas and fossils of ancient pandas to come up with this new date isotopes are atoms of an element that have different numbers of neutrons, heavy isotopes are those with more neutrons than average. And light isotopes are those with fewer neutrons than average foods have different levels of light or heavy isotopes that then get incorporated into the bones hair nails and teeth of the animal that eats them. And by measuring the ratios of heavy to light isotopes in these animals. Scientists can get an idea of the kinds of foods. They eat modern day pandas have a very low heavy to light ratio because of their bamboo only diet, but pans from five thousand years ago had ratios similar to other herbivores implying that like other herbivores they ate of a riot of plants oil either salad. This moment of science comes from Indiana University on the web at a moment of science dot org. Where you can also view videos and sign up for podcasts. I'm Don glass. And I'm yeah. Cassandra?

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