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Go, you know, playoffs. He played with Jordan the last two years and he played Wesley Brian. And you're I new Jordan playing this year and Wesley having solar surgery and I lived on for several years. Now, he plays the numbers rounded off together ahead and my charity event last year, which he was so thankful to be part of and lows every main, and then, you know, come we're back, we're on Palm Springs, and I was I had a list that a couple of guys I thought I wanna play with James and John was one of 'em. He didn't have partner we know Adam as well, his catty and James close friends. That'd be take both our gaze where we both at the ball and this to format and John techs and asked how he what he thought about playing with it. Oh, man Zurich. It takes the schedule. And now here we are. Now. It's funny that you mentioned your caddy and John roms catty, Adam Hayes, your kid be. I can't James James. Yeah. I forgot James last name anything them intesne. Yeah. I'm sorry. I just don't miss James. I never call him by his last name. But anyway, James in James and atom of what was the skittles deal between the two of them, and you and Jon Rahm with y'all having to eat. Also,

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