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Mike D'Antoni's Agent Not 'Willing to Take' Rockets' Latest Contract Amid Rumors


In other NBA news contract tax reportedly back on between the rockets head coach Mike, Dan, Tony has been Tim McMahon reports of these sides are nearing an agreement with new rockets team, owner Tillman for Tita agreed to eliminate the bio language, that was the primary reason that did Tokyo's agent end attacks may thirtieth, but they're back on, again, with more ESPN NBA front office insider, Bobby marks. Well, I think it's a little bit of learning of for a new owner until for teetering. And I think he's on this team for about two years here that you can't run a rock at the basketball team like you do your own business, and to structure, a coach's contract extension likely. It's a scene with Mike, the Antoni. I, I had never seen that before basically performance bonuses in its you start low and then you kind of build your way out there. So, I think I think probably the last couple of weeks was, you know, doubt Daryl more probably educating him on as far as the business of basketball, and how you probably can't go out, you know with your head coach and how to structure with your system coaches here. So it's like something that's going to get resolved here. I think it's going to be interesting. What they do with their system coaches because they let go of, you know, just as Delic and ROY Rogers, and, and what the length of an extension will be here. It's, it's hard for an assistant coach to come on board when he's basically on a on a two Yukio. Yes. They will have somebody to get, you know, at the top of the line assistant coaches. I think that's a little bit of a challenge there. Bobby marks on ESPN radio's GTL rockets owner Tillman for t- ten GM, Daryl Morey visit my dad Tony at his home in West Virginia this week to smooth over any hard feelings, did Tonia one seventy three and seventy three record over three seasons as rockets had golden used Twenty-three, sixty in the playoffs during that span losing the Golden State the past two

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