US House Hears Debate on Reparations on Slavery



Debate on Capitol Hill over paying reparations to descendants of slaves. Congressman Mike Johnson opposed the fair distribution of reparations would be nearly impossible once one considers the complexity of the American struggle to abolish slavery, just consider this. Okay. There are tens of millions of today's non African Americans are descended from people who arrived in the country, of course, after slavery ended and therefore they can't be held responsible for its legacy. Mortensen, billions are descended from people in both the north and south who didn't own slaves, or who were descended from white people who fought in the civil war on the union side, indeed only a small percentage of the total. American population were slave owners Senator Cory Booker in favor of the Bill that would put there would form a panel to study the issue. We must address persistent inequalities, or we will never fully achieved the strength, and the

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