Violence rife as Congo Ebola outbreak surges



The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has reached a new record more than a thousand people have died since the outbreak began in August. There's been widespread community mistrust violence against healthcare workers by armed rebel glue. Br armed rebel groups. Do we know how that outbreak began back in August? Yes. The outbreak began with a single woman who had a funeral. She died of the abo- virus. Her funeral was held in a very small village called Mandela from there. It spread to a large town of about a quarter million people called Benny, it has since shifted south to to sort of twin cities that collectively have nearly a million residents, and this is a very transient region. And this is this is why this virus is spread across the area. It's a place where people commonly trade not only between villages and between sort of regional hubs. But also across international borders this region in the. Democratic Republic of the Congo borders. Uganda Rwanda, south Sudan all places that are susceptible to abolish itself. Why are armed groups attacking the healthcare worker? So this is a an area that has been beset by tribal violence and ethnic strife for decades, if not centuries, and they are very disconnected from the federal government in Kinshasa, the the they don't trust outsiders, basically because they are more connected to their own local tribal units than they are to anybody else. And the what we've seen in recent days is an increase in the mistrust between the communities that are suffering from the Abella virus, and these outsiders who are coming in trying to help them. You can imagine that. It's probably pretty scary. If somebody shows up in a spacesuit talking about a virus, you've never heard of him, by the way, you can't see with a needle that they want to inject you with with vaccine if you trust them that is that that's something that can stop an outbreak. But a lot of people don't trust outsiders, especially not those who come in in. Scary looking spacesuit. So based on what these outsiders are doing an offering if in fact, they're doing enough and offering enough we looking more in a best case scenario or a worst case scenario for this outbreak. This is getting closer to the worst case scenario, and that worst case scenario is one in which the virus becomes endemic to the region and continues to spread without hope of actually stopping the outbreak. We've never seen that happen in the past even in the west Africa outbreak few years ago, you know, more than twenty eight thousand people were infected more than eleven thousand died, but the good news is the virus was stopped in in west Africa. We haven't gotten to that scale yet in Congo. But this is an area that presents basically, the most difficult operating environment that public health responders have ever had to deal

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