Everybody rightfully hated the refs in Rockets-Warriors Game 1


You in the leadoff spot. Following a warriors one. Oh, four one hundred win in game one of the Western Conference semis. This is the series. Everyone's been waiting for. And I feel like Dame lived up to the hype and and following game one now all of the post game discussion and all of the the soap opera that goes into. What makes the NBA great continues here on the Monday morning following James Harden's line? This is an all time line, by the way following a loss. I just want to. Fair chance. I just want them to give me a fair chance to go out. And try to win James harden who shot one less free throw the Kevin Durant did yesterday. They just didn't have it takes a village to stop James harden and takes a village to try to stop the Houston Rockets. I I'd say, Dan, Tony probably did not manage his his rotations the way he wanted to down the stretch you end up with a couple of mismatches with Steph curry being guarded by a and he not start a coach three. And then of course, all the calls about this is the feel like in the NFL we get this every couple of years where you get a new term that sort of takes over the league for a season. Or so Dave, you know, what I'm talking about next up. Dave back, by the way this week. You get these different things like member. Of course, the wildcat was a term one year gay manager was a term one year things. Just like you get a little you get comfortable with the phrase, and you continue to use it the term right now. Of course, we've had load management was a big win this year in the NBA the one we're dealing with right now. We'll last series. It was top locking with the LA clippers. And now, we're dealing with the landing spot the landing spot is now going to be the theme at least until they played team to tomorrow night. So what we're talking about is whether or not these things should be called fouls. When a joke shooter goes up comes down in a spot that maybe wasn't necessarily the same spot. He took off from and what the responsibility of the defensive player is he allowed to move laterally towards the the player who's taken the jump shot as he allowed to come down in the in a similar spot. Does the jump shooter has to contorts his body to get out of the way of the defender. And if so is that a foul, I think those are really mad. It does matter because the Houston Rockets are complaining about it. So let's let's break this down for just a minute. I wanna make a couple of points about a few things here. The Houston Rockets losing this game by four and my dantonio had coach after the game said that at halftime the officials told them. Hey, we missed four calls. We missed a handful of calls and he's saying, hey, if you're going to tell me that too that means there are free throws that we should be having right there at the low. I mean, my my. My assumption or my feeling about this is figuring tell me you miss calls. That's like an empire saying, hey, you know, what I blew a couple of those balls and strikes calls, you probably should have had a few more guys on base. When that dude hit the home run. It's almost like you've earned something here that an official has completely botched completely avoided or not called then he realizes after. Yeah. You know, maybe maybe I did sort of boxed that one. Or maybe I did make a mistake on that one in basketball that directly affects how many points you may have. It's the one game where I can put you at the line with the ball and say here's a couple of free points for your team because of the foul committed by the opposition. So the Antoni was not irate after the game. He gave a comment about we've got to look in the mirror. We've got to figure out what we can do better talking about. How he maybe? He agreed. I think with some of the media questions about whether or not nation have been on the floor at the end there with forty seconds left trailing. And he's out there guarding Steph and Steve Kerr made a comment that at this point of the season in the NBA playoffs when? You've got five guys on the floor. You just are sort of having your guys guard whoever the opposition wants them to guard because you're going to go with your best five guys. They're going to go with their best five and whoever they can guard us whoever they can guard. That's just the situation you're in at that point. Now when it comes to committing these fouls or whether or not these were fouls after the game. Whether or not you agree with what Houston's been saying that they were getting officiated differently. And I don't agree, by the way. I I'm not gonna stand here and say sit here and say that Houston had some major disadvantage in this game. I think the Dame was called pretty consistently though. I will agree that a couple of the calls. The Houston is upset about. We're probably fouls. I know people are upset with the Chris Paul won the technical foul. The first one in my mind, that's a foul the Shaun Livingston bleeping at M M B, and I got into a heated debate about fifteen minutes ago in the bullpen where I did. We did a freeze frame by frame of Chris Paul going taking the shot. You can see shod Livingston's feet come down behind Chris Paul. He's not directly. Under him. But in my mind, he's changed Chris Paul shot enough to where he's invaded his landing spot. And he's committed a foul because Chris Paul does not have the right to where he went up and came back down on now when you flop and Chris Paul did flop on that play. You lose a whole lot of credibility in my mind. If you flop I think, you should be less likely to get called you should be less likely to to to get the foul called in your favor that said, it's probably still a foul. Now, you've got players from the Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert was check it in yesterday on Twitter Jared deadly the nets a lot of players who team seasons are now over of course, watching what everybody's anticipated to be the almost the pseudo Western Conference final between the rockets and the warriors, and they were checking in and Ruediger bare said, hey, my guys in the last round against the rockets were not allowed to close out and defend that aggressively. And then Donovan Mitchell, the young guard for the jazz re tweeted and said, why don't you just give me the twenty five thousand if you've got a complaint about the refs on Twitter. Just throw the cash. My way 'cause you're probably going to get fined anyway, Jared Dudley. The nets went as far as soon as look I don't think anybody deserves to get a foul called when you flop, but that's a foul the Shaun Livingston running by people. I it's polarizing people feel differently about it believe it was a foul. The second one at the end of the ballgame. And Chris Paul gets called when he's trying to throw the ball away. I don't totally agree with that. I do think James harden might have been affected a little bit by the Klay Thompson contact at the top of the key on the the attempted three that did not go in. But you can also look at that. And just say him, and you didn't even get that good of a look at it. There was a guy right in your face. You heaved a three with multiple seconds on the clock. And did not go your way ball gets tossed out of bounds. And the rest is history. Warriors, get the the technical foul and the knock down the free throw to win it. So from the side of the of the Houston Rockets where you lose this game. You feel like it was a -ficiating in a way that was not in your favor. They've been very. It's a word. I'm looking for. They've been political with how they've gone about talking about the officials because they have not called out officials. Exactly, they have not said, hey, this guy botched this call right here. Chris Paul went as far to say, hey, I got to be better. I can't be getting tech new thousand getting ojected from the game almost putting it on himself saying I've got to be better for my teammates. Now, they're upset about the way some of these calls have gone gone down. But they're going about it in the way that the warriors went about it during the first round against the clippers. And that is to contact the league and say, hey, look at all this video that we have of Pat Beverley pushing and pulling and tugging and shoving on Steph curry, you guys have got to keep it out of it. So at the very least here, I think the rockets have now called attention or spotlighted something that is going to be a theme throughout the rest of this series. And that's that it's going to be physical. It's going to be aggressive. These benches are going to get smaller and smaller as we get near the end of this series. But this is only the beginning in my mind. This thing is not going to go away. Anytime soon, by the way, we didn't even mention the Friday night. This is how how intense game one was even mentioned, by the way warriors advanced past the first round of the Western Conference playoffs after fifty point performance from Kevin Durant. Put it out read from the clippers on Friday night warriors less than forty eight hours later, come back to oracle and the beat the rockets who are already sitting in their living room with their feet up waiting for him to get here. And and they stuck it to him. So hey last week. I made a point I made a sort of a plea to to Steve Kerr, San hey, man. You can't be playing these starters like thirty three thirty four thirty five minutes any Kevin Durant out there for forty plus last night, forty three minutes from Kevin Durant. He goes thirty five points, three assists, five rebounds. He may be the hottest streak we've ever seen him on as a member of the warriors. I say that sort of just because I I'm being a victim of the moment here with how much a Kevin Durant. Spent successful since the eight shot performance in game two of round one. When everybody kinda lost their heads, saying, hey. He's he's not locked in. He doesn't want. It that bad. I said do just like Kevin Durant. Kevin durant? And what did he say, David? Kevin Durant attacking me Celeste. I thirty five points to lead all warriors scores. He goes twelve or fifteen from the line was a great note here, by the way from Anthony Slater, saying, you know, we talked about how aggressive he's been in people want to say, well, he's dishing too much. He's not getting to the rim. Nobody said anything about that. By the way in the last five games that he's played. But Kevin Durant. Attempted fifteen free throws yesterday. He's taken seventy four this entire postseason Hughley averaged six and a half free throws a game in the regular season. He's averaging ten and a half a game right now in the postseason. He's taking over Kevin Durant right now, maybe at the prime and the peak of his career. He's making sure the warriors are going to have a damn good shot didn't back to the Western Conference. Who is he? Kevin durant? All right. We've got some great sound from yesterday's post game. We haven't even had to mention the giants getting swept out of oracle part of it was not good. Derek rodriguez. Did not have it yesterday. We'll get into some of that the sharks tied one one and their series in the as take another sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays the one team. The giants can beat the Toronto Blue Jays. The as can't figure them out swept twice in the last two weeks by that team. We got some great sound, Mike Keown, Tony Steve Kerr. And James harden, San all I'm saying is give me a chance all we're saying. Dave is give James harden a chance Draymond green was not having it with that comment

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