Boarding Pass for Mars

Innovation Now


Nasa is giving the public a chance to send their names. Stenciled on a chip to the red planet. This is innovation now bringing you stories of revolutionary ideas emerging technologies in the people behind the concepts that shape, the future from narrow until September thirtieth, you can submit your name to fly aboard the next Mars Rover members of the public who send their names. We'll get a souvenir boarding pass and earn about three hundred million NASA frequent flyer points. The Micro Devices laboratory at Nasr's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will use an electron beam to stencil the names onto a silicon chip about the size of a dime, with lines of text smaller than one thousandth, the width of a human hair. More than a million names can be written on a single chip. The chips will ride on the Mars twenty twenty Rover under a glass cover the Rover. A robotic scientists weighing. More Than Tun will search for signs of past microbe. You'll life collect samples for future return to earth, and pave the way for human exploration. And now you or at least your name can go along for the ride for innovation now. I'm Jennifer pulley innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w. HR V.

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