China vice premier going to U.S. for trade talks despite Trump threats


All right. Let's talk trade similar here. Doug, China's vice premier Leila is still planning on going to the United States for high level trade. Talks those talks will start on Thursday. Now Trump's tariff hike is expected at twelve. Oh, one in the morning Friday in DC, theoretically right in the middle of those negotiations, and it looks like China is preparing retaliatory tariffs Limerick, Shaun Donovan in Washington calls. Trump's escalation unprecedented two hundred billion dollars in Chinese imports. That will be hit with a twenty five percent tariff. Is you know, four times the size of the existing twenty five hundred centers on enrich fifty billion. They're much bigger. More consequential transit tariffs that will affect out of American businesses and that discomfort among US businesses. Maybe exactly why Max Baucus former US ambassador to China says that there will be a trade deal. Soon. Leaders have to save face. They gotta they need a deal, and there's going to be a deal, and my personal view is at the Trump bluster is pretty much that. And the Chinese know that the Chinese have seen Trump changes mind many times. So they're just gonna come on over and see if they get together on the other hand democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says President Trump should hang tough in negotiations and not

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