Energy goes out to the grid um now we have


It more and more and more yeah i mean i mean the biggest thing right now as you know you you hear a lot about storage um and that technology is the air i just don't think it's quite um where it needs to be it doesn't wany storage storage still being able to store the energy um instead of you know typically all systems are connected to the grid so all the x energy goes out to the grid um now we have we will have the capability in then not solve near future um to be able to store our own energy from the solar in use it so if you bill to sort of simone your home you store that energy and you'd be using the energy instead of just pushing now to the grid the how far away away from u two years you know i i mean the rug thereof companies out there there's different battery companies and stuff like that that offer the you can get now um h just that i mean we look at us at the company you know the cost factor of the batteries are high in the technology um it's give you an example lg um tessler sown in assisting with the cars cars we say that about the electric vso i mean they all have that retook knowledge out do lg currently right now isn't available in the united states as far as the batteries concerned um so noon is available but it's like the cadillac of all batteries um and tests sayles hill it's still do in whenever rich new it's going to be more expensive ah the exactly so you we say that what's going to happen as eventually when these incentives start to feed out on son of size the battery and make it more reasonable and as more companies stopped making batteries are like lg and soon and all.

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