The apple the red dot is just



Say ugly i'm just gonna say it its controversial isn't that a lot of people are complaining about in iowa idaho i mean that's at what's house that different than say you know the nike swoosh or you know the sketch are asked like it's just it's happening that's a task usually though is is status so the nike swoosh asylum that addis is live red hat not status not really because people are already wearing the watch without the red dot so it's not apple so the red nike swoosh would be more in line with the apple logo emptied in a light at the logo it oh if you glowed on in i am alliance nn i am done that would be amazing if it glowed it does not go but yes of the apple logo would be the nike swoosh and not actually they've already done a whole bunch of marketing to make that in and of itself give people feelings of prestige unhappiness in this the apple the red dot is just you know it it's not the apple logo feels was a little apple logo on it i would also love it that's a good point lorry because he i would love to little red apple lando apple logo i would probably be like you know what that's adorable on i not like that i have in line that i know you hate the red dot all let lorry finish and then okay was my i had actually had a lot to say about this i think because the dot is so small.

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