The engine blew apart over the atlantic ocean


The engine blew apart over the atlantic ocean the explosion caused the plane to shudder for about twenty minutes before pilots could bring the vibration under control and it took another two hours to get the plane down at a small airport no one was injured but it took passengers another ninety minutes to exit the plane the airport was not equipped to handle large jets recovery is slowly taking place in puerto rico even with heavy rain hampering efforts governor ricardo reseo says fifty one hospitals are back in service to of this hospitals have been energized so now we're up to nine hospitals that are being served with energy of the stations that have been a energized in in what gleneagle president trump arrives there on tuesday the reception that the president may expect to get a when he arrives there may not be the most warm given the fact that he spent his morning directly criticising the people on the ground there that are doing their best to recover from this deadly and tragic came correspondent ryan nobles the president criticised the mayor of san juan and others four from his point of view being unable to get more puerto ricans to help in their recovery to marches in the nation's capital converged on the national mall saturday in the name of addressing racial and gender inequality people brought up charlottesville people brought up the repeal of dot people also brought up politi her gender gender rights think the bad flight correspondent rene march saturday marks the ninety eight the anniversary of the elaine massacre in which more than one hundred african american sharecroppers from healing arkansas were murdered by mobs after demanding better pay from white plantation owners the aco use planning to sue the trump administration over the latest version of the travel ban the aclu says adding north koreans and venezuelans to the list does not make it any less of a ban on muslims on john matthews if your cpap user sopon watercleaning mainly harmful bacteria.

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