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What selling a sutton back to return the kid give it is not a touch back from amadullah it will not be shutting takes it middle the field is on threeyard running straight up the middle now headed towards the far side line and at the four asked margie's taken down at the 2002 2003 yard line and that is where baker mayfield and friends will take back over a nineteen yard kick return at this game starts to wind down let's not forget glass fourteen games decided by ten point to less oklahoma state we are thirteen and what they are really good if these close ballgame particularly towards the end they want the we straight overtime games as well so this is not a situation coming up but they're not on accustomed to appear haven't found ways to be victorious the recent past they're going to be victorious here today defense is gonna come up with at least one or two more big play give the offense an opportunity first in ten for oklahoma at all 23 yard line soon as of a 3point lead twelve and a half minutes or so to go handoff brought the address it up the middle stacked up broadcast he gets nothing last week they ran at eleven admitting sixteen second dry visit up eighteen wait for run out the final eleven plus minutes against texas tech got a figure that they could about trying to do that the first way does for not and out second down at 10 for mayfield added a pistol play action fit looking to pass deep gathered here sidelined marquees brand has thirty 2528 50 ted talks on the other big what seventy seven yards eighteen ways and eleven minutes or to play it thirtyseconds of a wrought during his william quarterback of the cowboys has lost ronkko football the wall was in hearing started running towards the no the old miss brown was given to walk down the view of agreed that separation will deliver ball by breaker vape your eyes route a markey's rob of really while there is we've viewed has a better deal put up all has come with a beer we lost track of the loan asylum repair by cowboys defense second touchdown of the day four marchais brand baker mayfield up over five hundred sixty yards passing his austin cyber knots through the extra extrapoint and it is again a.

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