Stats to keep an eye on for Bedlam


The game ring to your right here on compass media networks in his bed and still water between oklahoman oklahoma say time now for the first half stats we go individually to start baker may feel the passing the ball all right now four oklahoma seventeen of 25 three eighty seven three touchdowns one interception in the first half rodney anderson leading the way on the ground for oklahoma eight carriage fifty one yards one touchdown marquees brown right now seven catches up buck seventy eight and a touch down for these sooner is meanwhile conversely mason rudy aw thirteen of twenty four for 250 a three touchdowns no interceptions about justice on the first f sixteen carries 132 two touchdowns james washington leading the way for oklahoma saved through the air five for one 21 and a touchdown we now look at the team stats for both teams the offense has been astronomical in the first day have total yards for oklahoma four 66 for oklahoma state 392 want only one turnover in the game the interception by oklahoma's baker mayfield sooner three of six four seven on third down the cowboys or three of seven an unbelievable offensive performance from boat side when we return we will bring you the highlights of the first avenue oklahoman oklahoma state i'm john rothstein ear in the resinsurance studios new york is xanthi if up on them napa know how there are lots of amazing cars on the road but perhaps known more amazing than the.

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