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To date on evidence going on in the top twenty five in at college football games in progress right now late third quarter number twenty four michigan state on top number seven pence they twenty one seventeen meanwhile early fourth number one georgia lead south carolina twenty one a ten late third quarter number three at notre dame on top of wake forest 34 sixteen also lay third number twenty nc stayed on top a number four climbs than twenty one seventeen bigs gore right here in the big ten a late third quarter iowa with they 38 seventeen lead over number six ohio state again urban myers club last week hadad huge of victory over penn state but right now iowa three touchdowns better than about guys sort of the fourth quarter west virginia leads number fifteen iowa state twenty it took thirteen meanwhile we are going to go crosscountry right now and look at the pact well number 21 at stanford on saba number 25 washington's there by a score of one he won a seventeen league luke faulk with two touchdown passes for the cougars in this football game final from earlier in the day in the top twenty vied number nine wisconsin fortyfive indiana's seventeen or fourteen auburn over texas a and m forty two to twenty seven over sixteen mississippi state over umass thirty four the 2003 game tonight top 25 college football texas is the number eight tcu undefeated central florida number eighteen on the contrary it seven now we'll be in dallas to take on as sam you and then the big one one in the s e a seen number nineteen lsu is in tough go lusa to take on number two alabama at bryant danny stadium number thirteen virginia tech is in south florida taken a number ten miami a number twelve washington and number 22 arizona behind khalil say it will be in southern cal a foreign yet to take on number seventeen you scn again one final last night from the top twenty five number twenty three a memphis on top of tulsa forty one to fourteen again the game you're listening to right here on compass media networks a shootout in still water halftime of bedlam oklahoma in oklahoma state all even at thirty eight we.

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