Reality Check: How safe are the football helmets WNC players are using?


What's driving to show brought to you by bob paint is celebrating their sixtieth anniversary and hallmark of where nobody by just one story number one while security is job security and if you protect the football nearing assailed down the field so um game injure protecting the football whatever you call it that's our job every week is any q brock osweiler speaking with the media after being named is started quarterback of the denver broncos and the corny he shared aside he is is very he's right in a lot of ways the broncos three anwar wind when trevor semi through less than two x they were winless when he threw more than that so ball security is the most important thing but if you delve a little bit deeper to me the bigger issue for the broncos right now if that they were giving traverse semi too many opportunities to screw up which is a glen guam way of looking at it but it's the way i look at it this team time and again as abandon the run too much they have put too much on trevor simeon shoulders we knew this guy what he was capable of we knew the ceiling was low but yet the broncos repeatedly had him throw the ball in losses this year trevor simeon is.

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