6 surprising signs that you’re stressed


Now you john say i'm firm firm yes yet you work out because used either frigate lot of stress yet that's all stress muscle make the most underrated diet on the planet is the stress diet he could you did what the gray great things of all time which it i just did this in in in reverse you lost weight for roh you're telling me drank nothing but green juice for for months and you lost most of your body weight and then did the movie achieved the skinny skinny uh you know did your de niro thing right and then what happened the movie sucked and nobody has a broke my heart what was the moei it was called highway the first it was called a leonard cohen after world which is a kurt cobain lyric but courtney love wouldn't let the producers have habit for anything and so it was sanitized into this horrible title highway and the film didn't work because it was a road movie about four different individuals getting in one car and go into kurt cobain's funeral and so just like in the wizard of oz we need everybody be tone wise in in the same frequency and they weren't jarrett letter was in one movie j john hall was in another movie selma hayek a similar was in one movie in i was here skinny guy with dreads sown in moscow and who was directing all those move nobody but the problem but i just thought that you did the famous thing that every actor dreams of the de niro thing of transforming your body but nobody ever tells you all by the way.

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