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From the pandemic numbers from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health covert cases in Massachusetts today. 3000 and 22. There were just over 96,000 more tests reported 83 newly confirmed deaths in the Commonwealth. That brings the death toll from Corona virus in Massachusetts to more than 14,000. The seven day average positivity rate for testing here in Massachusetts stands at 4.67%. The department Homeland Security, issuing into advisory about the threats of more violence across the country. The department has voiced concerns that domestic violent extremists motivated by a range of issues, including anger over the coronavirus, pandemics, restrictions, the 2020 election results and police use of force will continue to pose a threat. Through early 2021. Some might be emboldened by the January 6th breach of the U. S. Capitol to target elected officials and government facilities. Moving forward to CBS is to call skein got. The government says the threat will persist through April. They're urging state officials to remain

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