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Hey everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name's todd cochran course joined by my co his co host. Mr rob greenlee rob how you doing. I'm doing terrific todd. it's great to be back doing the doing the show. You know this. This cadence of wednesday. Saturday definitely allows us to keep up with things that have been going on. This morning is like ugh. I have to crawl in here and actually. We're going to introduce gordon a minute but you know i did Made well not made. That's probably incorrect. In there's probably socially incorrect to say that i cleaned up the toilets the office. So that's what. I did this morning here before the show so in yes i have washed my hands. So it's it's we want as unsanitary. Podcast touching buttons here. But anyway we're going to welcome Garden fire mark to the garden. How how have you been. I'm great thanks for having me. Hi rob my sec- you. Hey gordon it's great. I appreciate you coming on and these are interesting times are aren't they in on the legal side even to some degree in the podcasting rome. So it's true. First of all. I wanted to say you know. Our our our last episode was Spark some heated discussions in the podcasting spaces. I i guess. That's a nice way of putting it and i just wanted to apologize for any impression that i had a was mean or accusatory or any kind of you know creating unsafe space Out there For podcast listeners. I don't think if you look at the history of todd. I don't think that's something that we've created on the show. And but i do want to apologize for any impression that we get gave There is a long history of Discussions in but not personal tax. So that's not something that's been a part of the podcasting ecosystem but there's been a lot of issues over the years that the community has discussed in a heated way. And sometimes those you know there are differing opinions on things. And and i just wanted to set the stage and apologize for anything that i had said that maybe came across as a personal attack. I think eric felt like he was under attack. And i don't think we want to the article on. I don't think the article was the issue. So just so. Airing wasn't no. I think this was just this. This claim of twenty years. And then you know. It's funny as i did interview yesterday with adam on podcast two point. Oh show and if you want to use the twenty as the markets actually twenty one. But you'll have to listen to the podcast point. Oh show to understand why. It's twenty one and not twenty but i think from my point of view we can fully understand that. The technology the idea the concept and we said this. I think we said this on the last show. Just so we're clear was developed in late two thousand and early two thousand and one The new fact. Now no i think in fact the new thing that poked its head out day wider making and claim that he'd made a pod catcher earlier before adam to me i i never i knew he had user land and i knew he. You could see an enclosure in in a feed reader. People don't amuse feed readers anymore. You could see it on some of his software. But there. I the pod. The i didn't come out until like august. Two thousand one so if there was actually a script made this news and i went through all my book notes and look through all that and having emails from both of those guys so i'll just it. It is what it is right. My personal opinion and this is just todd. Podcasting started when there was the ability to connect all the dots. Connect all the dots in plus it was to podcasters to create or so But anyway i'm gonna say sixteen plus if someone else say twenty or twenty one okay amenities at this point. It's just because we're passionate about the space. 'cause we were here right we we actually went through it and felt it and were keeping a very close eye on what was happening and when details are not those details were not disclosed over the last sixteen years until this past week so i guess that changes the conversation that only some degree. The only thing that wasn't disclosed was that there was a pod catcher before adams ride catcher when. Let's be fair today. But i believe that that was created so they could test the process of pulling an enclosure. Right so i think so this l. so it was an experimental test process from two thousand two thousand one. There was technically no podcasters. There was people experimenting with some running. Podcast was named in early. Two thousand four and then the mechanism. So if you want to say you know. I don't know gordon. Yeah there's a there's a lot there's you know it's all about. You probably doesn't want to win. it's all about it's all about where where your ad is it. You know when there was you know when there was an idea is at the is at the start or was there when the movement are you know i always say if you go back to early media and talking about things you know mcluhan said the medium is the message. And then there's the controversy of wealth message medium meeting you. Can you can point to the technology anywhere in history. And the timeline of of technology and you can say without ben franklin. There'd be no electricity iraq ford. There would be no podcast on. It doesn't really matter. I mean all of these people contributed in tremendous ways to making medium possible and realizing the promise of level playing field for creating media so kudos to them. All and yeah. I don't think it matters. What the line exactly looks like some. At some point history matters but small potatoes. And here's here's the fact. We've never you know. I have always always from day. One said the dave winer am curry for the podfather zavod. I've never said otherwise. No debate on and i've never. I've never said that there. That two thousand four was was when it was invented. We know the history. I wrote the history in two thousand and five you know so anyway it it it and and not only i but i was one of the documented it with you know interviews and questions and so it is what it is so and if you're offended this is the new media show so we're sorry but come on you know. Let's let's have a conversation. Yeah we get spirited. That's what this is about what we have. We love this base. It is interesting. And i think what we did on. That show is any different than we've been doing on the chauffeur going down as long as we've been doing so rob can you. Can you hear gordon. He's you're stepping all over him. Yeah

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