A highlight from The 200th Episode


Two hundred episodes. That's two hundred uploads of audio sometimes ranging from two and a half hours to the shore steps ever did was twenty minutes. And i'm sorry for the delay almost two weeks since the last episode but yours truly has been incredibly busy so the three things. I've been doing this winter. It's been very nice winter. Actually i've been up in w. p. t. w. calling alana miami county games and my last one so the tippecanoe claimed the miami valley league boys basketball title and for the first time in a very long time. I saw a team. Snip the nets down and that was really cool. It was a really good game. Two was working for jeff. Dillon whose formerly the head coach at sinclair community. College women's basketball. He's been around at wright state in dayton. I believe so. It's been fun working with jeff and jim brown. Of course a previous guests on this podcast. Add right now. The plan is next tuesday. Get to work with ron. Russo for troy christian boys basketball hosting miami east. So i'm looking forward to that next week. So yeah w. W been taking a lot of free time. There's also espn. Media been doing a lot of stuff for the company in cincinnati and in fact i recently broadcast my first wrestling and swimming bouts and they went very well honestly although wrestling only lasted thirty five minutes. Which show that stunk. Because i wanted more. Because i was around. The wrestler is just this last wrestle. This is last bouncing has started to really you know and i hope people do enjoy and you know think that can only do a great job. Swimming was a lot of fun to except for the fact Start off the broadcast and alma. Said skating Twice i think. Hey look when. I c- water and it's winter on thinking frozen ice because you know well frozen. Water is ice. But you get saying. I think hockey you know i'm mant but yeah and also tk ds sports. I've been doing a lot of basketball this year. So in fact i had to get a second score book which i did not plan for that but luckily it works out. So i've been doing a lot of broadcasting. It's been a lot of fun and playoffs are happening soon. Girls basketball draw in. Ohio is later today and i think boys basketball might be next week. But we'll definitely try to have tony. And seth from southwest ohio full court press podcast on talk a little bit about that bucks. Let's get to the show now. In fact i wanna thank you the listener for sticking around wherever you been with me for all two hundred episodes wherever you joined in little bit later on. It doesn't matter when you say you enjoy the podcasts. When you chime in and you make fun of me saying you know names incorrectly. Because i didn't know how say them. I shouldn't say make fun but help me out. I should say i do appreciate that. And you know. I got to tweets about when the browns wasn't then they clinched the playoffs. I think it was like how is that game. Oh it was great. You d one. That's not the cameras talking about. I don't care if that's the game. I worked but i want to thank you. The listener for sticking around and hearing me tell the tale of local sports. Pity that dayton radio doesn't think it's fit but whatever and now it's time for mallon's mailbag. I got a question in for episode two hundred. I was looking for a lot more. But sometimes that's how the mail bag tumbles and get from good friend.

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