MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell sheds light on Twitter ban


Pleasure to Welcome to the show. A guy everybody must be one of the most famous guys in the world. Everybody knows his jingle. Everybody knows him and his pillows. The My pillow guy, Mike Lind l, a famed around the world. Not on Twitter anymore. Mike, what happened? There isn't at something Well about 17 days ago or thereabouts. There was this. This company dropped this news media dropped the bomb about that This machine election prod new evidence, So I reposed to that. When I reposted it, Twitter took me down and what they did now This is very important for like 12 or 15 Days of spin. Now, my Twitter's been down, but people can see it. I just can't do anything on it. So Twitter was retweeting stuff. That wasn't me. So they were acting as though they were me and it was horrific and I tried to take the stuff down that they were putting up. And Twitter sent me of things and it is against our our penal or cold. This came from Germany Twitter that I couldn't take down the stuff that they were re tweeting and I'm going. You guys were using my name and stuff. Then yesterday they put me back in full. Twitter. I got my Twitter back. I posted one post and it was a good letter written about the real mike Lyndall who I was. It was from a director mine. Three minutes later, they took it down permanently. So you are out of Twitter permanently. You're you also, I don't know what the extent of this is, but you've also said That some of your vendors for my pillow that if you want to go to Cole's or bed bath, and beyond that they've also taken against you. How's how's that going? Let's have each Eby shopping channels, You know, I mean, let's had all these out there. And what happened. There was that would once again because I spoke out about this election pride with these machines. The machine people dropped the thing on TV saying that they were going that they were going after me, The Dominion people when I did that about controls came out against these the box stores and threatened him. We're gonna boycott you were gonna boycott you, but they're not real people. These air, his job, people that write that work for company. Called sleeping giant stuff and then sew these box stores chickened out. Cancel culture dropped my pillow and now what's happened is, is what's going to happen because this has happened to me three other times? And what's gonna end up happening? Is there real customers are gonna be upset with, um, I'm getting you look on social media and emails. We're going. We're cutting our car cards in half of the box stores that did this to my pillow. And and they're buying more from my pillow, or they're buying from the other box stores has stuck with me. And I did nothing wrong other than say, I want the truth to be told about these machines. So for future elections and yeah, but you know, but my pillow you gotta realize we're survivors. We've when I first backed this great President Donald Trump. I first met him in 2016. I was never political. I went back to Minnesota dinner press release that I met him and didn't even say what we talked about. We were attacked, then called. I was called a racist, Everything else. Then last spring, I went on the run from the Rose Garden. And I did a speech about getting back in the word in our Bibles and get with our families and talking about Jesus. Well, you think that I would committed this crazy crime or something? I was attacked them like huge. And then the summer when I can't When I had my only under dot com I had this thing. This guy brought me this thing for that that worked against the pandemic, and I was attacked them by and my vendors were even attacked then and I lost some of them then so we've been down this road before and And I'm not going to back down to cancel culture and this is crazy. Let

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