Off The Record: Messy Living, Focusing and Getting Stuff Done



Guys welcome back to off. The record with two dead is in a babe like these segments man. If you guys like these let us know comments below but also hit that like we never say hit that line. I found out now that the algorithm is such shit. You have to interact. You got a comment. You gotta hit like you gotta say what's turn on notifications the thumbs up thumbs up. Yeah you know i. I've been going in the comments to respond to people. Like i'm i'm in. I'm in there now. Don't like before. I don't know man i feel like oh gee youtubers didn't use youtube the same way that like. I don't know it's been some time you know. We don't use it the same way. And now i think it's more like they're kind of a mini networks versus before. I think it's just ways to connect. And i think that's what makes tick tock still feel kind of pure were just literally. It's like people like hey i have. Adhd anybody else have these are. This is my hawaii experience and he just connected and i think that's even how old youtube was but now it's like there's channels that the day that are born as professional. I'm gonna get that brain scan. You did next year. I'm going to schedule it all your account. I can't wait to do it. I i want to know. I'm i'm pretty sure i got. Adhd but i wanna know. I fuck and sure i. There's no way that i don't does on tiktok. I watched this guy doctor. He's a psychologist and he has. Adhd and is tight because he breaks a lot of things down so one of the things that he said. That really reminded me of you so every time it cuts to him. He's all white guy he sitting here and his desk is a fucking mess right. And there's fucking paper stacked and everything and he goes to the non adhd mind you think this is a fucking mess and he goes but to me. I know where everything is and so for him. He goes what people don't understand with. Adhd is for a lot of adhd people. if it's out of sight it's out of xactly. Yeah you have to control the chaos. It's much easier to just have everything out there. You also you know where your shit is and you actually know where things are but to the other person doesn't have it this guy's fucking messy all the time and i'm jealous because you always want to shit every you've this wasn't here i buy another one because it's not here. A room is pretty fucking clean. Now that's my bad. My bad is always made everything is everything is pristine but i see it as artwork now very different perspective but my work table though it is pretty nuts is just that i have a rule now to attend to it every day so at the end of the day i have to have it and then i realized like when i do this at home. It's because this is actually my open notepad and it's like i gotta do this and then i gotta do this and i gotta do this. I gotta train this shit later. And then pornhub and town. It's like open tabs. It's it's what all this shit. My brain works like when you're way more organized than i am afterwards. Unlike you i have a. I tried to have a rule if i leave. This has got to be cleaned all. It's easy to go from keeping tabs to actual mess. That's how your car is to like. You said like say you go to a gas station that would trash can just throw away the trash so i try to keep my car rental because we're just empty all the time because it's really easy that i noticed for myself. Things can go from my workspace to a little mess and then it becomes a mass that built on top of each other and the next time that i have to clean. It tastes like five hours. I needed to be better about that with my car. Because my car is just like a vessel to travel and then even though i'm in a lot i'm just push it in the back. I put clothes. Try pauses everything. And it's just like packed always and i never clean it like i go to my room and a half now. It has to be clean but like earlier. What you're saying about the people they can function through like that mess. Were i think also gave a bad impression impression but a bad message to messy. People were like smarter people are actually messier. So the mess people were like. Yeah fuck this. I'm smarter be smart. But you're not getting laid that's true but also it's like it was the dumb bessie people are just also messy. That are like yes. Because i'm smart. He can't tell the difference. Yeah so they're like is be lazy or all the stuff in your car. Is it because you have to use it all the time. That's why or just ended up. You're going to take it somewhere and it just ended up leaving in there So like say we have shoes bom one that brings a close and has to take it back. I don't know why take it it just in my car. Now i just throw it in the fuck office during office. Redone shooting. yeah and then. I'm also lazy. You gotta do you dodge shit because you focus too much on something that should been like so for example right like when you're doing a project sometimes you should be putting things away but it's easier just toss it and grab what you need to do and then get that w. just toss it you grab whatever and when you're done with everything then you put it away but some people they'll use something and they put it back towards supposed to be that's also sign of adhd you can't do it because i'm like that too so adhd people it's because there's so many thoughts at the same time that you're scared of putting this back because if you once you put it back you're going to forget your train of thought that's what happened. That's why i hate doing that. So you have to just if you have this task it just has to be this and then that you can actually finish the task because if you put this away and they're like oh roller. I can't be interrupted to me to my house that yeah but it's like what i'm doing something i need finish that everything starts popular otherwise i could focus on talk for hours and i'm like my phone rings and then i'm like zouk. And then now. It's like techs. And i opened up tiktok. You might have because for me like jill. He can you put them in the garage. I go and like thirty minutes later. We'll go and i opened all the family pictures because remember this day. Put something that. I'm just like zone into non world cooking because i use this one ingredient i might. I might have to use it for some of the key organized but make a pal mass here and now i'm getting smarter with it where it's like. I have a bowl. I learned from rachel ray. She always has a tractable trash bull. So i don't need to walk to say in your kitchen. You have to go over here and open this trash and throw it away. They're talking about unanswered. There's just a big bowl and just put the scraps in there. So don't have to move. If i moved and i'm like i'm wasting too much time. This i got touched a lot of things. I gotta wipe my hands but if all this crap scan go on one place it just easier and i can stay focused on just chopping into ball that once and you just take that and brandon. It's fresh. it's clean because it's just from the cooking. I was able to figure out a good flow of getting things done and making it exciting. So because of this whole quarantine thing and staying home a lot right. It's made it interesting to be able to tackle on things and figure out a efficient way of doing it and my routine has been doing physical activity in between things so for example like. Let's say. I have a pile of dishes that i need to deal with. I got some laundry. I got these tours. I gotta do and some emails right. So i would probably get my ab roller and i would do thirty three of them in one set and if i do thirty three thirty three and thirty four. That's one hundred so wall. I get going my blood's flowing. Whatever and then i stand up and i'm like okay.

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