Managing your time effectively


Let's talk about time then. In the next thing i was thinking about what are some effective time hygiene or time habits that we can about to institute in the new year. And you know there's just so much of this thinking in the entrepreneurial world that the idea is to just go out there and to work all the time to sort of sacrifice other areas of your life. I caught myself seaney. Lan must describe how he puts ninety hours a week into his business. And i have a hard time relating to how that's possible and the reality is it's i almost feel like a little bit ashamed to it in the light of how this kind of hustle culture is so glorified but i spent more time. You know working on businesses. When i had a job and i sat in a desk from eight. Am in the morning until seven pm at night. Then i do for the businesses that we've run together and part of that is having good time hygiene and focusing on the things that count tell you what my trick is. Dan and it has been the last three. Years is just have a kid because that will clean up your act immediately. It's kind of a joke but it's kind of serious which is like there's a limit now on my time. That was never there before so when people had said to me in the past like oh man. I got so much more disciplined with my time. When i had a kid. I can totally relate to that so i guess what i would try and tell myself before is like how could i engineer that into my day like pre kid because actually used to pull it on must end like you used to make fun of me for it. You'll be like oh. This diesel just like sits down for like twelve hours and the reason i did that is because i kind of enjoyed it and one hand but on the other because i was like super inefficient and the way that was approaching some of these problems so it worked out because they didn't have anything better to do and certainly that's a okay position to be in. If you want to sit there for twelve hours you can do it. If you don't have much else going on which i didn't but now i can't afford to do that so i just have to be a little bit more deliberate about the way that i spend my time. It's weird because like besides being braggadocious on youtube about it. No one's keeping track of this stuff anymore and no one cares right and so it doesn't matter whether it takes fourteen hours a day or four. It's really a matter of practicing the fundamentals simply asking yourself. Are you being efficient with your time if your being efficient with twelve hours a day and what you want to do is grow the biggest company in the world and become the richest person in the world. Then more power to you. Know that's really cool a couple of things. I mean for me. My time hygiene habit in two thousand and twenty one is calendar in a lot more and the strategy essentially is time boxing and time. Boxing is an approach. That leverages parkinson's law which suggests that task expands to the amount of time that you a lot to it and this is particularly true in knowledge. Work and men. You've been through this a million times. Essentially you finished the task by the deadline. Yeah and especially in knowledge based businesses where there are these moving grey lines as to what constitutes being finished. I think time. Boxing is a really excellent approach. The so typically in my calendar has been only for meetings meetings blank space and in two thousand and twenty one. I'm going to get more serious about time. Boxing and putting in projects deliverables deadlines and areas of focus in the calendar. You know one of the small examples started happening in our businesses one of our team members. Alison i would set aside an hour to work together on our sales literature every week and it was simply a matter of like. That's a time hygiene thing. This is a very important thing it tends to get put off and we think it's important so how about we just work on an hour week together and keep each other motivated. This is something. I really wanna explore in two thousand and twenty one interesting. I mean that is a real example. And that's something that we've talked about behind. The curtain with our businesses like ourselves pages needed to be updated. And i like the conversation that we had is like. This is an ongoing project. And so you know with these habits. Die ideas like identifying what's valuable and then making it a habit one of the thing. I'll add to hygiene dan and this is something that i implemented in twenty twenty as it relates. A time is a bedtime. I to stay up really late and i know. Sometimes you're up late to text. You still be up but it is rare. These days dan that i stay up twelve thirty. The reason for that is because i get up later and then i can't be productive during the day as much as i'd like to be. I don't know. I guess this is being part of an adult or something. I don't know. I've always kind of you know moon lighter on the night owl. The best stuff happens at night really. It doesn't for me the best things that happened at night or like more interesting so i cut myself off. And this is one of the habits that i implemented for twenty twenty. I'm looking forward to in twenty twenty one as

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