How to Find Inner Balance and Peace: A Conversation with Alonzo King

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Sales for studios. And i'm here with rachel levine. Where the team that brings you blazing trails. Devi here mike off. Thanks for having me. Well rachel it's our episode of twenty twenty. I can't believe it wa. We started this show in january before the pandemic started with the idea of taking some of the great talks that we have dream force every year. Bring those to a larger audience. It's grown into this incredible program and thank you to everybody who subscribed into all of our listeners for joining us on this journey and today we're going to hear one of the best sessions from rb well together series and this is the series that we've done. It's focused on holistic wellness. The we've been running really since the beginning of the pandemic. So rachel tell me about who will be hearing from today michael. Today we're going to be hearing from alonzo king. He's the founder and choreographer lines ballet company. That's based right here in san francisco. You may be familiar with this word. Yeah and you know what. I just this talk released surprise me. Because he's someone that takes on this philosophical and kind of emotional journey as well and talks about the importance of maintaining and finding your inner balance and peace and taking advantage of these kind of still moments that a lot of this right now. Everyone is always said at one point in their life. Oh if only the world would stop and for us really did this year yep and he takes his philosophical approach about what is there in that stillness. How can we grow. What's the inner journey that we can do at this time. Yeah and how to think about this time as an opportunity to and really there are so few opportunities to do that. So we hope you enjoy the conversation today with the lonzo and salesforce. Jody kohner executive vice president of global enablement and for more be well together. Goodness head over to s ftc dot co slash wellbeing. That's sf f. d. c. dot co slash wellbeing and download. Our wellness playbook created in partnership with thrive global and tune. Into some other great sessions there with deepak chopra making rappeneau arianna huffington and more so. Let's dive in. Here's jodie connor in conversation with alonzo king. Hello welcome back to another fantastic edition of be well together. We are going to inspire you today. We are going to put a spring in your step today. Because we have the incomparable alonzo king world renowned choreographer and also the son of civil rights activists later king and valencia king nelson. This is such a big deal. This is a really big deal for those of you who are not familiar with alonzo's work. He completed his formal training in new york city where he also performed with the dance theatre of harlem amongst other dance companies and he founded lines ballet almost forty years ago which is incredible because he clearly founded this at like two years old is recipient of numerous awards including the national endowment for the arts who choreographic fellowship the kennedy senator master of choreography. His choreography is basically in the repertoire. Of more notable dance companies than we could possibly have time to list and so today he is going to share with us how to remain peaceful in the midst of activity and the importance of being really really centered when you're being bombarded with responsibilities that are just coming at you with hyper speeds which is like our whole existence right now so this is going to be a really great conversation also really thrilled that lola banjo is making a return visit with us. Lola of course is our global events chair for both force and she's going to be helping us out with a question and answer at the end so to get a chance to get really feeling the alonzo spirit. We're going to start with the video so we can really take this all in. And then he's going to speak to us. Wow wow so beautiful. Thank you so much for being with us this morning. Alonzo thank you jodi. Thank you for your beautiful and introduction. So tell us about you. Tell us about what you're thinking about these days. Tell us about your kind of approaching. All this chaos. I think the instant stop of everything that created just this wide open back hume is shocking devastating but also fertile with opportunity because we have the ability right now with undistracted focus to look internally at ourselves and visualize what is and what isn't working. We have this pause where we can stop the ueli nearly going along with the flow to say. Wait a minute. This is a pivotal moment. And i want some self examination so i can decide.

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