What's the story behind Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi's legal battles?


I'm sure that many of you are familiar with the erika girardi. Tom girardi case adjusted patriot. Bonus episode which can give you a more background on the case but for those of you who are not familiar. You have to listen to the details. So erica girardi also known as erica. Jane is a cast member on the real housewives of beverly hills has been on it for a couple of seasons. Now she's famously noted for her lavish exorbitant lifestyle with scenes shot in her private jet. She's got glam squad at least four deep. They always help her put together. Looks for international trips. And i'm talking luxury brands right out of the store. Like top of the top. She has not align on her face. Not one line. I don't know how you can be fifty years old and have given birth to a child and not have one line on your face. It is perplexing and on top of it. She decided she was going to be a midlife pop star so she tapes these music videos. And you're wondering how much in god's name does she spend on this. Her songs are a bit absurd. she got a two thousand seventeen song. Expensive now bear with me. This is the spouse of expensive x. x. p. e. n. dollar sign iv e. and the lyrics go is this. It's expensive to be me looking this. Good come for free. that's just who i be. It's expensive to be me well. Her husband age eighty one again. She's fifty her husband was surprisingly a consumer law attorney who had been practicing law since one thousand nine hundred sixty five rising to prominence for a very high profile case in nineteen ninety-three against energy giant pacific gas and electric company and its role in the contamination of groundwater in the small town of heckling california. That case became the basis for the two thousand blockbuster movie erin brockovich an elevated the prestige of his law firm girardi kice. Now as i've mentioned before. I worked in legal. Pr for many years. And i was very familiar with tom and his firm so well since then. His firms continue to handle many multimillion dollar settlements. Often involving class action suits against major corporations. So big time money will. Erica is currently in the process of divorcing tom. Who recently testified in a california court that he's broke earlier this week in an in depth exit. Bosie that i absolutely implore you to read in los angeles times. It explored their financial problems. So girardi described as financial trouble in court filed in october. When asked about how much money he had his personal account answered not a lot. Maybe a couple thousand. I don't have any money. At one point. I had about eighty million or fifty million in cash. That's all gone. I also had a stock portfolio of about fifty million. And that's all gone. I know what you're thinking right now. How in god's name could you lose eighty million dollars. Where did the money go on october. Twenty ninth twenty eighteen. A new boeing. Seven thirty-seven max. Eight carrying one hundred and eighty nine. Passengers and crew members crashed shortly takeoff in jakarta indonesia. I'm sure you've probably remember this case. Those two years ago everyone on board the lion air flight died tom. Girardi in his law firm were hired to represent surviving relatives of the crash and a suit filed earlier this month. Alleges girardi and his firm embezzled millions of dollars that were intended to go to some of those family members

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