A highlight from Episode 37: 2020 Highlights Part 3

Something Who


Pool have you managed to get hold of ravening beasts to protect the back entrance to the something who ponca absolutely all covered one from that other podcastone. Oh the the missing episodes one aren't expect any free appetizing in return. No i'm just hoping noted. He's missing yet first missy. Now they're museum creature. What have you got to real from galaxy. Fool the rich intelligent creatures. You've come austin to patrol the sues not a vulgar for michigan known. Is it not quite as deadliest that or is big. The octopus for the underwater menace thinking too laterally a highlander it stevie the day i'd take you wow now just just day. Isn't he a bit small certainly hope his vices worse than is squeak. Ashley's a heavy four. So you know you probably won't get any worse than the nasty nip great. The bunker is wide open. I've got an idea which is bigger which is stevie richard. Obviously what am. I put stevie right here in front of your face. It's still richard. I mean my nose is getting nipple. Ver- richard looks smaller. We'll go because i'm further away make sadly so if you could keep him exactly that this is the way and also having here then stevie. We'll be bigger that's silly. Not a city is running over stevie back at night before he's missed. I'll see if i can get hold of the grounds today. I'm joined by paul. Hello and exciting moment in podcast history. We have joyce speaks people in the outside world. Eight and special guest. Hope you listening to that tim. And you're on recording which also the first time imagine all people. I thought we were doing that. Hello something here hello joyless john yes yeah just because we have the time differential indeedy indeedy. Giles i saw you on the television now. Yes oh it was ridiculous your episode. There was a young lady on there and she was getting how you spell cat. It's not her fault. But i thought you did superbly. Well so well done. I thought it was a really good performance Yeah it's it's the jewel but is the slutty great says the any of the year that even until now they've had Place runners up going through and now they suddenly decided to make some deaths so no second. Chances well hololens but weldon. Congratulations very very good. Sound and you're always mastermind on this podcast. I'm richard i understand. I've heard on the grapevine that you've perfected. Y'all toby haydock. Impression was astonishing an hour and thirteen minutes. Yeah you'd never know the difference. So that's how it is. That's that's that's out and live and available to listen yet. We'll put the tom ability this one being adult. But it'll been forgotten. Yes we speak. It's it's it's doing reasonably well and hope that by later in the week. It looks court on light wildfire. But we you do as we've established have unique. Selling point for this episode is not just another edition. It's boroughs and sparrow together for the first. The said it couldn't happen. They said it shouldn't happen anyway. We're also recording on the one hundredth birthday. Old patrick trenton. Yeah yeah. We wish. We. comp- specially engineered by complete accident. Because because yesterday. I suspect rather a nice touch isn't it and i'm richard. Perhaps i thought it would be a good opportunity as a lockdown

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