567: The M1 Honeymoon Continues

Mac Power Users


David how're you. i am doing. Well thank you. Were didn't holiday season. It's a weird year. We'll talk about that at the The more power users part later. But it's a weird year but at the same time holidays always make me happy. I love having the tree up in the house. I love playing christmas music. I fall in for all the tropes. Have a lot of questions right off the bat artificial or real natural tree artificial baby california saying i can't breathe in the house of. There's a cedar tree slowly dying in the living room. Yeah i like the smell of a real tree. But i same thing in in where i live. If you get a real tree they fold up like an umbrella about halfway week or two india right and then you just worry that it's going to catch on fire and burn your house down so which is bad for the holidays. Yeah exactly okay next question. When is the right time to put up the christmas tree. Like the over tradition for when it goes up we we really don't because it's it's a question of scheduling If i had my way it would be at at the latest the day after thanksgiving. Okay so we do ours. The the weekend after thanksgiving usually the sunday and artificial and we got young kids so the ornaments are like stuff. They've made stuff our childhoods. There's no theme to our christmas tree. For longtime i tried just to do like kind of just have white lights and then whatever ornaments who went on that but of course i lose that conversation so we have multicolored lights different sizes. It's it's chaos but it's fun chaos. it's great anarchy. We have And this started with my mom. Literally every ornament on my tree means something We don't just buy a box of round ornaments. Yeah but every time we go on vacation we buy ornament and every time one of the kids does something special you know will buy an ornament and you know i have an ornament on one of my ornaments tree. Is the name tag. You gave me at the relay. Meet up like five years ago. The one the laser cut wood one. Yeah so when we look at our tree it's like every ornament has a story to tell it's just wonderful nine right here. I keep a little foley work. This is a feedback. Episode is just gonna get weird. Okay i'm gonna do a little fully work here. I'm gonna roll over here. Oh my headphones heavens

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