America's listening to Fox News


But today is the big day for president elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris, who will take their oaths of office at noon at a memorial last night to the Americans lost to the pandemic Terrorist Express This hope my abiding prayer Is that we emerge from this ordeal with a new wisdom to cherish simple moments to imagine new possibilities. One Republican who will be there is former Vice President Dan Quayle. Who served with President George Herbert Walker Bush. Somebody in my position really needs to show up to witness the transfer of power the peaceful transfer of power. It's a magical moment, something that American History has proven to be able to see this over centuries. Well talking to Fox News. Meantime, National Guard troops remain on high alert in the capital, with some of them removed from inauguration duty. But the chief of the National Guard says a handful of troops were flagged because the guard is taking no chances about an inside saboteur boxes. Mike Tobin America's listening to Fox News

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