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The good. The bad and the jazz you've ever had questions about. The jurors may be a bit jaded in your attitude to religion. You come to the white place. Our host he was an honors will also be student ordained a presbyterian minister planted three jerseys taught at a prestigious university. But now now you just aging who never quits asking the question. Why pose absurd roads dr john. If you don't like golf don't hang up. I understand and if you don't like golf and you find yourself continuing to get to the golf course really. Don't hang up today. We're going to be talking about golf. But we're going to be making links to real life which could be sold changing for you for twenty five years of my life. I was a pastor and preacher. I built churches preached every sunday met with hurting people and tried to be the real mccoy. In contrast to the charlatans who seemed to get the news headlines that i never coveted. Sometimes i would get the recordings of my sermons and listen to them. It was a horrifying experience. I was never able to say what i wanted to say. As clearly precisely in. Compelling as i wanted to in contrast i would listen to great contemporary preachers. Who were communicating the very things. I wanted to communicate. Why did they seem to be able to preach so much better than me was mistaken. In my sense of call to the ministry all my churches tended to grow in numbers and spirit and vitality. Shouldn't they be growing faster. Perhaps if i was more gifted more holy harder working in weiser strategically i would see more fruit from my labor. You know exactly what i'm talking about. Maybe he warned a preacher or a public figures submitting to the never ending commentary of critics around you. But you had the voices in your head telling you you aren't good enough smart enough talented enough or charming enough to make the grade. The let it beat you down. Today we get to learn from a man who has lived much of life in the rarefied air of golf's elites he played in all four majors even setting a course record for the master's first time participant in nineteen seventy eight when he came in fifth. This man is a pro in many ways an author that accounted family man and has much more than a casual relationship with jesus christ while come. Wally armstrong to church ertz. And thanks can be with you wally.

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