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So let's talk about. Because i said this out about you. Being that super expert at help businesses grow. So i wanted to warn dokie different angles. I wanted to ask what gets you excited. Have businesses grow. Yeah and get excited. When you walk into a business you can usually tell what kind of business you're walking into either your walking into business where there's growth which means people are excited. They're energetic you can just feel it inside a business whereas if you go inside businesses not growing you can feel that vibe as well and i get excited about going into businesses. That are growing. Because i know that what's going on. There is two things first of all they're creating meaningful jobs and right now you know especially right. Now we need to create more meaningful work in company grows able to create meaningful jobs. And the thing. I'm most passionate about is nonprofits. I serve on the board of of two different nonprofits and i've noticed people that moved the needle. The most our businesses business leaders that are generous. And so i know when. I'm going into a growing business that the fruit of that business is not just meaningful jobs. It's also the giving that happens back into the community and in all of that adds up to make the world a better place so when it comes to growing revenue i get really excited about helping companies grow because the impact. Those organizations are able to have on the world and write ray girl what you shared. Is your excitement conferencing the impact. And i think that was great wisdom immediately at the beginning itself. Show it's not the revenue generated for the brands. You work with would how the trickles to other nonprofits and other areas in brexit community and the dubs. I really think to do it is it is and you know if you look at at where we are right now. Who's going to move. You know in so many ways. We're facing unprecedented challenges in our world and our countries who is going to solve their problems. What's going to solve those problems. It's businesses driving forward in helping nonprofits come along Behind them and all of that we're going to create a better world back. Gets me excited. Nunca a bitter and now before we go to the beker. The i want to come to nonprofits few cents. I wanted to go to the revenue growth. The core promise of your book. I just want to understand. What the real uniqueness what you've done to help. Businesses accelerate the revenue growth in this key areas that you held businesses focused to achieve this. So what things that you can share. The secrets for garros accelerated revenue growth. Well yeah thank you for asking either way and and i you know there are. There are several secrets. I wanna start with two today. That are are really really critical. When it comes to growing your company the first has to do with goal setting and when it comes to setting revenue growth goals were in a challenging time right now because a lot of conservative companies i found set goals based on what they've done historically may say well we've experienced this percentage of growth over the last three years so our goal next year is going to be that same number again ten percent whatever that number is however. That's real challenge. Right now is for businesses. Some businesses obviously have seen a sharp decline. So don't have a trend to work on their. That's very useful. Other businesses are exploding. They've had you know whole new areas of opportunity open in front of them in and so in either case. How do you set growth goals. What i found is the most powerful way to set realistic growth goals. I call them aggressive but realistic goals is to look to drivers of revenue growth. And if you oil it all down. I believe there are really only two ways to grow a company fundamentally you either get more net new clients or and or you grow your revenue per client and when both of those things happen at the same time arjun exciting things begin to unfold If you can accelerate your you can accelerate your growth if you can show reasonable growth in number of clients and simultaneously show reasonable growth in your revenue per client. When you add those two things up You see some really exciting results. I call it the law of exponential revenue growth for example a company that grows their number of clients by twelve percent. Simultaneously grows their revenue per client by twelve percent. They're actually able to double their revenue in just about thirty six months. Which now. I've got some things. I can really set some goals around. Not just setting the overall revenue goal setting the goal in terms of number of clients revenue per client. That's the first thing i would say is think about your revenue. Not just in terms that bottom line numb our top line number but in terms of what are the two factors that drive it. And how can we get more clients in selma current clients. And this is you make it so simple to me. Back to my beginning of my career in the b. to seaworld i remember What listen i losses. Amazing human being. She started as an admin and then she grasped the business and she learned. Explain to me the way you are explaining restaurants fix restaurants to convey simple vase. He said your sales depends on. How many guys you open the cash register how much you put in every time. Not that smart arjun. You could make thousand dollars. Yes one time putting thousand in a thousand times putting one in or something in between and based on that your strategy can be there. So i really love the simplicity as you start going through so as you have come here i just have to ask this question as a friend to understand how daryl get here like was. He warned that smart or not. Get in this journey. Get here well. the. I don't know that was a a that that smarter that i was certainly born this smart but but i did I think like a lot of us Most of what i've learned was has been in the university of hard knocks along the way. And i spent I've had a unique perspectives in that. I've spent half my career in sales in half of my career in marketing For the first twelve years of my career. I was in b. two b. technology sales sales management And then ended up ultimately starting a sales training company in the space. When i started that sales training company the fun part of my story was my very first came to me and said hey darryl everything you taught. Her team is fantastic. However our website doesn't say anything about it do you build websites and of course being my first client. The answer was yes sir. We build websites at actually built several for nonprofits. But it put me now and this was seventeen years ago when this happened over the seventeen years of had the unique perspective of having one foot in the sales world doing sales training consulting with companies about sales even helping some fortune five hundred companies build sales. Training programs have been very involved in that mad at the same time. I've also been on. This journey in the digital marketing space. So that first website turned into managing digital marketing for companies across north america and australia search engine optimization social media management inbound marketing now account based marketing. And so all of it. You know what i noticed was number one. There wasn't a lot of alignment in companies between sales and marketing. In fact i think that's an understatement. He knows it's kind of like your car. When you're driving your car in its non-aligned one wheels pulling the left. The other wheels pulling to the right and the poor driver is just trying to get to work. down the freeway Not only is. They're not allowed of alignment really. There wasn't even a common language between the two sales You know has their focus Marketing has their focus and there are a lot of finger pointing back and forth and where the lights came on for me. Arjun was when i had realization. That was actually getting ready to speak at a conference And had a realization. As i looked out over that that room of marketing professionals sales leaders in business owners realize this isn't about sales. It isn't about marketing. Those are just means to an end. What's the end. The end is revenue growth. And so when we started. When i started looking at things that way everything on this journey that i'd been on in in the sales world in the marketing world started to come into focus and out of that is where the revenue growth engine model emerged.

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