A highlight from From Seed to Success: How to Launch a Great Cannabis Cultivation business in Record Time, with Author Ryan Douglas

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So if you want to learn about the business of cannabis from those in the trenches you've come to the right place here's your host least toner co founder of sense. He chew today. We have the pleasure of speaking with ryan. Douglas and he has an extensive background in cultivation. He's the of from seed to success. How to launch a great cannabis cultivation business in record time. He has accumulated an incredible level of knowledge and experience. When it comes to cannabis cultivation. He has recently started his own cannabis. Consulting services company ryan douglas cultivation llc. He's worked with commercial cultivation and horticulture for over twenty three years and he has become a specialist in legal cannabis startups. He was a former master grower. At tweed cannabis largest licensed producer of legal cannabis and the flagship subsidiary growth corporation and ryan was crucial to tweets. Early success he'd helped design their production facility selected the genetics hired and trained staff and during that time produce over seventy thousand plants and six tons of dried cannabis so an impressive background to say the least so prior to that ryan spent fifteen years in commercial greenhouse ornamental and edible crops and grew up to six hundred thousand plants annually. So without further ado ryan douglas. Welcome to collective wisdom. It's a pleasure to be here. Well let's dive right in. Your book is coming

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