464 - The Gentleman's Riots For Slavery


A clam reads a story from american history to my friend. Gareth reynolds has no idea what the topic is going to be about bivalve. Yeah no. it's cool i always. I'm not surprised to hear that you coming out. As a clamp people should no should know where it's where this is all coming from. I spent most of my childhood in the bottom of the ocean and so little shell came out and was like what in the fuck is this. That's how i see the world. I see to the is the lack of is of the person that people see onstage in on in photos and black. It's what what the clam gets the clam suit. What you're seeing. There is the clam ensemble and seeing what the clam operates to be able to do. A podcast that's right and you know my old saying i've always keep on clemen. That's right and your human. Yeah i'm just a person. I'm a human human male but you know but it's i. I love the extra audience. It's brought to us clam. Numbers are great cram. Numbers are huge. So yeah i mean we get more ocean listeners than any other podcast i. It's not lost on me that that's probably due to the fact that a a little little clam inside of a man bought operating it so that we can we use to be able to do live shows. That's what's great about the zoom is you. Don't you don't need anything other than just the head be yourself and Just to my My peeps out there my fellow clams i just wanna say boop boop boop boop boop does that just sounds to you. That's an intricate language. But to us we all think what an idiot and called the jam patch. I'm the fucking guy. Dave okay gary and this is not gonna come to tickly clock. Five part could hit him with the puppy percent sick arguments. If that's like gareth a couple of things first of all this this week we are going to do. We're going to cover the inauguration live. What do we say forty five. Am we're going to start twenty five pacific time am so it's an. It's an early one who knows twenty four twenty. That is wednesday. The twentieth inauguration day. Eight forty five am my youtube channel. Which is youtube slash gareth reynolds. Tv and We'll be there Watching watching whatever happens and you'll let's be honest. We thought first when we thought we thought. Oh this'll be a fun day. Fun thing to cover and it's changed. It's half shifted. It's taking little dark on us so we could be covering something interesting. Why not spend it with us and and then also on the twenty-first the following day that evening we have a live show. We're doing through looped live the place we've done the other to live virtual dollops you can. We've posted information about how to get there but if you go to live in search the dow up you can do that or go to our social media's and yeah these are available they are available for forty eight hours. I believe after purchase right. Dave you can still watch it then. It's gone forever won't be released. The t- as podcasts are treating it just like a live show. So and and i say that because most of our live shows Someone drops the recording device. So it's a lot like our lives speaking of which this episode when the The trump attack happened on the cabin. I said this is actually. These are not new people. This has been going on for a while. And i said i put up a tweet and i said we actually lost this episode. We did it in boston. In two thousand sixteen and some said. Why don't you re record it. And i was like. Why don't we re record it because neither one of remember anything about the episode now which is true. I went through. And i read it. I didn't remember most of it. So i added. That's you self. So i added some stuff in In now the episode. We're going to do so that'll be interesting to do. And then i think that's it. I don't think having announcements and because this is centered in boston. Say i want to dedicate this to my buddy. Neil mahoney Who passed last week. Which is why we did not have an episode Really really great guy if you wanna learn about you can You can check out. Neil edit the hashtag on instagram and see how many people loved him and also he he. He edited the show. A comrade detective which i think everyone love and he was really proud of it. So if you want to check that out please do. What an awkward time to

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