OG Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson


You're listening to inside of you with michael rosenbaum ryan gotcha sitting down again. Oh you i think that's That's kind of a thing. I'm gonna try and do it every time all right. I'm mean sure why not. Yeah before we get into it. We got great episode. And you know. Especially when ryan goes i love. This episode was awesome. Yeah so we'll get into ernie hudson in a minute but It's it's crazy just gets crazy now. It's two thousand twenty one so it's sort of like all right at the end is near the hopefully not the end. Who knows we're now. We're good we're good we're solid. I wanna say thank you to everybody. Who sends messages to hello at inside of you. Podcast dot com The emails are just like hey mike. You don't have to respond mike. Mom you're not to respond but I love the podcast. And i'm gonna start reading letters again but there so many in it's awesome that people get something out of it and This is your first time listening. I hope that You know you do us all a favor and Writer review and Subscribe right review on apple podcasts. It takes literally literally a second to do you know And they help they really help. So if you could do that that you'd be surprised how far 'cause if you're really enjoying the podcast and you're writing emails writer review to I do read all the comments and respond everyone. Because that's a possibility but i read them and i cry. I weep and you know. I apologize for last week because i said that my Band son spin the website would be out well. I had about one hundred emails or hundred message saying we go to sun. Spin dot com. And there's nothing that's because we had some issues where we had to change some stuff but We're hoping that you're as you're listening if you've got a son spin dot com. You will see the website. I'm hoping it's out today Give it a shot. Let me know on the l. twitter. What are handle on

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