Justin Timberlake Confirms He Welcomed Another Baby with Wife Jessica Biel


Timberlake has confirmed that he did indeed have a second child with jessica biel so they kept the pregnancy secret he was on ellen. He confirmed he has new baby called finneas. I like that name. He said he's very cute or summer. But nobody's getting a lot of sleep in the highest silences. His brother think he's five years old now. Silence apparently adores little finneas however finn walk chased him yet so that might change and get their guests who nobody all alone and didn't say a word ellen degeneres so ellen was called by just in jessica they were on facetime and just in a nonstop jessica was having a baby and she didn't tell a soul. It's interesting to see which celebrities are friends with other celebrities. What's the level of friendship if you're revealing your your wife's pregnant and it's a big secret than it probably really really good friends. Hey in congratulations and can't wait to meet him to like the name thenia i do.

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