A highlight from 445: Sens Blow 3-1 Lead and Fall to Jets; Sttzle Injury and Legalized Cross Checking; Mets Fire GM


Project sports and whatever run welcome to the s. Wpa as we deal in the realm of sports. And whatever it steve moore along with. Jim jerome joyously removed from the grungy mangy tsn studio who used to work at it ungodly hours and now these days crushing cast episodes every single weekday coming up today is cross checking in front of the net never called in the nhl. The new york. Mets have fired their gm. Rather unique reasons. I sends in the winnipeg jets game. One of a three-game set on tuesday passed a copy on shibata century. Passenger did the overtime winner. Come back train joe. that's courtesy. Tsn with gordon miller and jamie mclennan disappointing. Finish for the sense for sure. I'd say it's their best all around performance. So far they had that game most of the way to nothing lead a three one lead. They badly outshot the jets and the game. Forty one to twenty eight the jets and pulling their goalie when it's three to get a shot. From the point that bounced in off of sends defenseman brayden coburn and the second-guessers were out there. Gotta say questioning who send put out there for the six on five. And i don't know to me is not much anyone can do when you get a seeing eye goal. That goes in off your own guy yet. Josh norris at his first. Nhl goal it. Alex couch with his first of the year after being a healthy scratch in the first two games and this kind of confusing to me. The maybe something happened in camp. I don't know something that upset. Dj smith irritated him. I don't know but Gotcha nick was really good. And if he can buy bottle up that game poured on like that every night. He'll never come out of the lineup. But consistencies been cow kenya issue but all in all as saying on social media last night despite the loss. man. I'm really pleased with watching the sends right now. The so much to be positive about. I physically feel different. When i'm watching the games right now like feel like bill murray's character the morning. After the groundhog day curse finally lifted. That's where i'm at mentally excited about this team and keen to see the next one game. Two of the three game set with winnipeg. That'll be a third night at canadian tire centre. James and look for sends talk for now. How're things with you today. Well even i could take a little more sense talk. You cut the dot off awfully quick l. While we can get into that. Tim students lifting. You've seen the video of that and he missed that game last night and Pretty nasty little cross. He received the puck nowhere near him in front of the toronto net. Defenseman jake muhsin crosschecks. He's down in a heap and we're not sure exactly what stood list status. We know day to day. That's all we know about the injury but most people are jumping to the conclusion that that plays why he was hurt. And i guess that. Would i mean like i said in the headline. I asked that question. Why is cross checking in front of the net. Never called in the nhl never has been it. Seems like never will be so not not always a penalty. If you look at the high sticking for example you know if you injure a guy when high sticking if you draw blood right. It's a more severe penalty is like it could be made could be a double minor right if you if that's right. Yeah so if you heard a guy with a crosscheck why is that not a bigger penalty review. Stevie dirty place right. They do it all the time they call guys up on the carpet right teams file a complaint or whatever they do The league office calls them in. They look at it and say okay. You're going to get suspended for that. Even though there was maybe no penalty during the game. They got to do that. The only time. I ever see injury factoring into decision making as far as you know officials go. It's when there's that hit from behind for the most part ryan the blood. The blood is a good example. To i should say you know they go up and they're like you can see the guy you know picking his lip and stuff trying to pop pimple or something to draw blood after taking a high stick because if there's blood then it's another two minutes but the other one you see is when there's a hit from behind the guy pops right up you know i might get a boarding call If he stays down for a while then it's almost always five in a game right rats. The one area where i see injury play into it with the case of stood sla. It's a it's it's hard after the fact 'cause he played the rest of the game so it's difficult to go back and you always have that issue if you let injury play into your decision making then you're gonna have guys faking in. Oh say some fourth line scrub especially this year. Where you're playing three and four game series You're going to get that same team right away. The next night you can have some fordline scrub just lie down because the star defense when the other team it him into the boards and we'll just keep them out of the lineup for the rest of the series. Suddenly the star guy even though buddies faking the star guys out for the rest of the series. Well you talked about with mahomes okay the other day concussion protocol and then old. You made a good point right if you have the. Kansas city's own doctor. If that's what we're looking to to clear the guy well let's look at that conflict of interest but but he's always an independent doctor as well. That's so you've got an independent doctor. Okay who looks at that and why they don't do that in the nhl you know. Just say okay. The guys injured. Okay well we need to clarify that. Because you're right and we just say okay why down pretend you're right so bringing an independent i and and he makes a report to the league on this guy's got bruised ribs

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