Pence urges conservatives 'to stay in the fight' as 'our election' continues


Mike Pence, spoke today. Two young conservative activists in Florida the turning point US a conference being held in West Palm Beach vice president referencing President Donald Trump's ongoing and unsubstantiated claims of ballot fraud in the presidential race, saying that for a tip the balance to President elect Joe Biden here is Vice President Mike Pence. Way flipped 12 seats in the United States, Congress and the president actually received the greatest share of minority votes for a Republican president and 60 years. And come January 5th. We're gonna hold the line in the United States Senate. Kelly left learned David for duty a Republican majority on Capitol Hill. And as our election contest continues I'll make your promise. We're going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. We're gonna keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out. We're gonna win Georgia. We're gonna save America and we'll never stop fighting to make America great again. You want But I came here today. After what? I know it's been a great conference here turning for him just to say thank you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your hard work, your enthusiasm and your prayers. But I came here today to say to the men and women of turning point us a stay in the fight. Stay in the fight for election integrity. Stay in the fight to defend all we've done on stay in the fight from this student action summit. And every day forward to keep America great Vice President Mike Pence at the turning point US a conference in Florida. The Palm Beach Post reports that opening night of the summit on Saturday turned tense when doors at the convention center were closed after county officials determine the crowd size had reached 2000, the maximum allowed under a contract turning point sign with the convention center to protect staff and students that was due to The Corona virus pandemic on the

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