Google And Facebook Under The Mistletoe?

The Big Story


Here to go over the google lawsuit with us is alison schiff. Whose coming down the chimney as we speak to drop some under our tree even though she's jewish elo alison. Hello and emphasis on the ish part of that honestly. So there's a lot of juice in the the texas ag lead lawsuit but before we get to that let's talk header bidding. What did we learn about. How google responded to the threat of header bidding Years ago right so in in an attempt to reinject competition into the marketplace just as just a quick scene setter in a publisher's devised a new at the time innovation called header bidding which is a trend that ad exchanger covered the absolute bejesus out of And then by two thousand sixteen something. Like seventy percent of all major publishers had already adopted header bidding so google realized right quick that header bidding posed a threat to the dominance or sorry the alleged dominance of its ad exchange and also the The information advantage of being able to trade on non public information from one side of the market the other because they're both controlled by google and there are actually internal google communications. Apparently that are cited in the suit in which google makes it pretty apparent. Pretty clear that it's aware that header bidding is a threat so what you did in response to that threat. According to the suit is they allowed publishers to use its ad server to route inventory to more than one exchange at a time so you know a a unified auction but all the while they were secretly letting their own exchange win even if it hadn't necessarily submitted the highest bid and someone over google must really love star wars by the way because the code name for that program was djeddai and the code name was redacted in the public suit. But there's a wall street journal story that's out from From last week and it's They got their hands on and unredacted draft of the suit before it went public so there are some interesting nuggets in there. Like the code names for things. I'm glad you mentioned how addicts ginger covered the jesus out of header bidding. Because as we all know. But jesus says the reason for the season sorry tat. Now please please bring. Actually you actually mentioned the unredacted lawsuit that the wall street journal gotten actually. That's something that really struck you. I think when you were recording or new reporting initially on the publicly filed lawsuit a so many reductions what what did you make of. That was that was that. Was that striking to you. I mean it was annoying because a details that you'd like to to read as someone who's poured a cup of coffee and sat down to core over a hundred and thirty page document I mean it was the first couple of actions to be honest. Ooh this is. This is official. This is sort of exciting. It got annoying because over these massive blocks text at you couldn't read but apparently it's it's really not uncommon given the sensitive nature of a case like this to redact things that are considered a proprietary. So i mean there was a lot of redaction. It's a long suit though it's annoying but it's not anything. That's super weird.

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