Maryland to open mass COVID-19 vaccine clinics Friday


Right now to get a covert vaccine in Maryland, the state is trying to provide more opportunities. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announcing to mess vaccination sites with the opening one is in Prince George's County, another in Baltimore. But that doesn't mean you should wind up just yet. One of the new mass vaccination site in Maryland will be at six Flags in Prince George's County. And according to a release from Governor Larry Hogan's office, there will be a Soft opening on Friday, and he'll be joined by Prince George's County executive. Angela also broke the first people to get their vaccines at the six Flags site will be from those already registered through the Prince George's County Health Department wants those vaccinations air complete after February, 15th. Additional appointments will be available to all illegible Marylanders, but they're no details on that registration process. A second sight in Baltimore is also opening on Friday. Vaccinations at both sites again are by appointment only. Hey,

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