Nintendo Switch Outsells the 3DS


Switch has sold seventy nine point eighty seven million and that is hell of a lot and the nintendo switch light has almost surpassed the sales of the we. You just the light. Why oh man. Yeah that's a it's a big number it is. It's pretty incredible. Just just like think about the the roller coaster ride that nintendo has been on with insane success of the we the we and the insane crater of the we you not that again. We have to caveat. There's every time we say this financially. I still think that system was really fun. Rain like it was a financial disaster or at least a sales disaster and now this is like they're on top of the world. it's it's insane that trajectory. It's really really yeah. I think honestly. I don't think it's hyperbole leads to say that in japan console warsaw and no. It's the what was it so far this year. Ninety nine percent of all software sold in japan was for the switch right eighty and like hardware was and what is important to note he is that intendo always dominated the handheld sector in japan and that market has turned away from consoles quite a bit right and so in a way. It's a sad story right if the. Ps five dozen succeed in japan. That's a bummer. Because we might get fewer titles for that platform from japanese deaf students. Or maybe they'll they'll be serving more kind of like the western tastes but either way something could be lost but It's obviously really good for the switch. So i looked at the data Their nintendo still expecting to sell two point. Four million units in this fiscal year. Remember that fiscal year ends in march. It's not a calendar year. Which means the entire year for the intended would be twenty six point five million so that stacks up with how the we did back in its heyday. Like the i think the fourth year for the we was like something around twenty five million so the switch will be doing better than the we however in. This is the thing that i think. A lot of people are ignoring at the same time. Nintendo back then sold thirty one million. Dss right and so. We have these The hamilton the console lines are combined into one. And so it's not exactly the same scenario and so fewer pieces of hardware being sold in japan. I'm because we have one console race now but what it means like at the end of the year you know. I mean first of all at the end of the quarter. You'll be seeing the the switch. Probably clock in at eighty two million sold worldwide which means it is ahead of the psp which was a big success in japan. It's ahead of the gpa. Which was a big success. Everywhere in is right behind the xbox three sixty so the end of the year will probably see the switch ahead of the three sixty and the ps three. And i also wanted to mention that. New horizons is reached. Thirty one point eighteen million sold so it. It's very close behind the best selling game so far. Which is mario kart. Eight deluxe which is at thirty three point. Forty one million. Which i know we've talked about before because this is a week game. We don't crazy so we might actually see a made for switch game take over the first slot sometime. This year with a wonders never cease game specifically aid for the nintendo switch. And not the we i. We talked about the blessing. And the curse of mario kart eight selling so well because it's like nintendo has less incentive of cranking out. Mario kart nine right. Yeah but but but hopefully hopefully not hopefully they think they can do those numbers again with the marcotte nine with completely different tracks and all that i feel like i would have to write. I know horse. I'm sorry to bring this up on blue. But i i saw you talking about elegies mansion three has sold more than a lot of zelda games in the past. Yeah which is. I think that's really cool. I mean you just mentioned three again if you are. One of the one of the switch owners are listening to this. Podcast does not has not played it. You make a huge mistake. There's a reason ten nintendo boy that studio the last game is a huge step up from the original. Luigi is mentioned which was developed in house by nintendo and a huge step up over the the second game. So i think that's really cool that we're seeing this sort of success on you know mario's little brother and tall brother. Whatever he is. Basically the macy of mario felt. It's true and i. I've noticed that now really really cool. I am on those swift owners. Who has not played louise three so i think it's worth it. It's

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