The Royal Familys special relationship with President Biden

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Hello one and all and welcome back to the at your favorite place for all the latest going on with the family. Of course your host omits be joined by incomparable the magnificent my beautiful maggie. How're you doing. Oh i love those all. Thank you omid right back at you. I'm wonderful. how are you my. I'm pretty good. You know still. I'm probably in the same clothes the same room everything from the last episode. I have a rotating wardrobe about five sweat seats. How you've sweatsuits though that. Sounds like the track suit and matching talking about. And it's so funny. I've never worn pants so much in my life and i just keep gravitating towards one pair and i have to wash them. I get really sad. Because i'm like. What am i supposed to work. That's a big problem. We've become widely attached to those are. My cozy has been a busy week on the rural counties. Buying very little actually happening outside of palace walls. We've yet to return to in person engagements but that doesn't mean the harrison a lot to discuss that we've seen selfie videos from the duchess of cambridge. We had harry claiming victory on a massive lawsuit against britain's mantle on sunday newspaper and we'll prince william speaking out against racism in british football or soccer to you guys we'll be looking into all of those stories live laser on the show and it's also been just over two weeks since president biden was sworn into the white house and we found his biggest fans over here the uk. We'll be looking into the very special relationship. That family has always had with america's current president and diving into some of the quirkiest stories from the past. But before we get to all of that maggie. I thought it'd be a good way to start the show just taking a moment to remember. Captain tom moore who unfortunately passed away this week. The news was announced or confirmed by his family. He said the nhs hero passed away from corona virus. Of course he is most famous for being the man that captured the hearts around the world for his valiant work raising almost fifty million dollars. For national health service charities here in the uk the start of the pandemic. You'll remember the footage of him walking around his home. Many many times with zimmer frame and he sort of became i guess a mascot of hope for not just people in the uk but around the world who i think saw him smiling in the face of what was a very scary time especially in those early days when we knew very little about. The pandemic was so incredible. Though is to sit. The tom moore became just not only such an inspiration in the uk but around the world. You know he. The news of his passing is leading broadcast in america. And so think about that right this man. In britain Becomes sort of this inspiration in sensation around the world. And you'll be put together a piece on him for abc and what struck me. Was that mean yes. It is so sad that he passed away. But even more so just remembering. His incredible life was so impactful an amazing and especially this past year. We think about what he did All of the things he's accomplished We were kind of going through some of the memories and one that stuck out to me if you remember even We were celebrating new year's eve here in the uk and they did that. Drone light show and they made the drones in the image of captain. Thomas more In his walker and immediately everyone knew who he was in the sky and everyone kind of had that same emotion that same feeling of just like. Aw hope inspiration right and and to have been able to do that in your life is really incredible and of course really touched the hearts of members of the royal family as well. We saw everyone from the queen's prince. Harry reach out to countenance tom during that time that he was raising so much money for the n. h. s. More recently we saw him knighted by the queen last summer. In a unique ceremony ephraim will remember one of the few times. We actually saw the cream outs in person but it was something that she wanted to do. And in fact she was one of the first people first. Public figures to reach out to the family to share message of condolence puck and pilots confirmed that she sent a private message to his family and said her thoughts and those of the royal family will with them recognizing the inspiration he provided for the whole nation and across the entire world. I think is some amazing again. Is that image of the queen with him too. I mean there are two people that i've just really lived such full amazing lives and to see them together and we could you imagine a lunch with the two of them. I mean just incredible. The things that you could talk about and even there was a tweet from at prime minister. Boris johnson this sort of referenced. captain tom. More story life. How you know he was a world war two veteran and he was there for his country in time when they needed in and again during this crisis during the pandemic they was he was there for his country and for the world again and release. Talk with me to omit was. He recently released an autobiography and one of his lines that he writes that i think is like the perfect way to some. All of this up is he says life is to be lived and i believe that age is no barrier to living it. Wow

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