463 - Lucy Parsons


I read a story from american history to my friend. Gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about what i say. We are bilingual. American history pilot. Well we are. We do this in conjunction with a couple Gentlemen in mexico very funny stand up comedians. so we're we're explaining to the masses of our southern our southern friends exactly why america is as absolutely bat shit. Craziest is and why we need the wall to weaning running away. Why mexico needs the wall to keep americans out. How long until mexico finishes the wall. I i can't believe that that we're building it to keep ourselves out at a future time. Like that's how crazy we are that we're like we're just going to build a wall to keep the mexicans out like nobody that's gonna fucking reverse of one hundred percent you'll eventually be like. How did you think under explain to us how you stuck around this thing. Please hurry good. we're so good. It's been a good spin a good couple of months couple of weeks. Everything's sort of coming together. And i always see as rainbows and just exploding glitter and clouds and unicorns. That's all i'm seeing. It's nice when you're scraping the bottom of the barrel and then you've finished scraping and you see underneath it another barrel. Yes and you're like no where to spray. There's a very quickly. Why don't we just say this. Because i think a lot of people have. I'm sure to both of us not on twitter anymore and my twitter is now where people go to find out what's going on with your twitter by the way hilarious gone. It's it's fun it's it's like a. It's like a secondary landing area. A lot of people reach out and say you know that the show and doing the show really helps people and you know just laugh and stuff like that and on hall. We probably don't reply to all that but we obviously very much appreciate that and you know it's a two way street. We appreciate your listening. And i think we all know how how exciting time is also very exciting time and called the is jammed patch. I'm the fucking guy dave okay. Let's gear and this is not gonna come to clock again. Five part proficient now. Hit him with the puppy. You brought present sip about action. My friend bernard all right. We are brought to you in part by calipar c. b. d. Look i enjoy the caliber. Cbd i feel less stressed. I feel calmer i sleep better. Which is a great combo. I don't know if you know what's happening but it's great. I like that stuff so they think caliber deserves a simpler way to feel better. So it's not an oil it's powder it's tasteless and you could mix it e drink throat. My ice tea in the morning throw a drink at night we go. There's twenty milligrams in each packet of cal. Cb never questioned how much you're taking. Which is a problem with some. Cd's it in the morning. And it's great product that's clinically proven to be superior to standard cd oils absorbs foreigner fifty percent more. Cbd with the pow. Dave i feel not a scientist per se but that feels like a lot more that somebody. Yes it's crazy.

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